New Principled Hair Material added to FiberFx

Marianne using Principled Hair, courtesy of Mauro Corveloni


New to LightWave 2020 is a material called Principled Hair. It is a simplified shader based on the Principled BSDF limited settings. You will see that there are only five inputs compared to Hair's 19. Because hair can be considered a dielectric material, you will notice that is no diffuse control and that the Color doesn't just immediately make the hair assume the color you enter.

  • Color - (Default: 47 13 0) The color chosen to tint the hair strand. If you want to force the color chosen, set Roughness and Radial Roughness to 100%
  • Cutical Tilt - (Default: 3.0 °) Moves the highlight up and down the hair - typical human hair has a tilt of 3-7°
  • Roughness - (Default: 25 %) The roughness along the length of the strand, the amount of scattering of light falling on the strand
  • Radial Roughness - (Default: 75 %) The roughness around the strand
  • Index of Refraction - (Default: 1.55) Controls how the glints are placed