Scene Editor Improvements

Speed up your Scene Editor use with additions to Layout 2020.

  • Scene / Dope Editor improvements

Rotation Order

Rotation orders can now be changed in Layout.

Environment Lights

There is now a default Environment light in all new scenes.

  • Streamlining Environment systems

Node Editor Workflow Improvement

You can now use the middle mouse button to scroll around the node editor's interface. No keyboard modifiers needed.

FBX interchange

Updates to LightWave FBX imports and exports mean that interchange with other applications is better than ever.


Additional tools


Additional tools for OpenVDB mean that the rendering and animation of simulations of complex particle systems are made simpler. • OpenVDB: New Tools


New static Surface instance toggle speeds up surface instancing for Octane users.

  • Static instances

Offset Normal system for nodal instance placement

  • Offset Normal Instances

New instances are by default use Local instead of World Transformation Handling.

Rectangular Arrays can be aligned directly in the interface, without needing a node setup.


Updated OpenGL shaders mean your work is closer than ever to the final render in the viewport.

LightWave 2019.1.4 OpenGL compared with LightWave 2020 OpenGL