March 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Wed 11 Mar 2015

This month, we head behind the scenes of the popular television show Sleepy Hollow, where VFX artists rely on LightWave and its VPR to deliever demanding visual effects like swarms of locusts and crows. We also unveil three new series of LightWave 2015 Genoma 2 video tutorials that focus on using presets to moving to Unity and more. In the news, The Mirror UK highlights iconic LightWave artist Dick van Dyke and his use of LightWave in his television show Diagnosis Murder. Afterglow Studios also unveils Space Next, an IMAX project currently in production that is being created entirely in LightWave. Add to it a new spaceship animation tutorial, a LightWave plugin for SketchFab, a contest in 3D World magazine, and a new CGarchitect archviz conference Kickstarter campaign and March is turning out to be a pretty exciting month!

February 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Wed 11 Feb 2015

This month we are all about Get the Love! During February 13-15, 2015, artists can crossgrade to LightWave from any 2D/3D software for only $695 (a savings of $300).  To continue the love, we have posted new LightWave 2015 video tutorials and are proud to show off two new independent movies created with LightWave 3D. We also feature a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Czech Republic that was re-created with LightWave for Unity, highlight a peek at OctaneRender 2.2, and offer valuable info to tap into handy LightWave presets and plugins, as well as social media sharing on the LightWave Pinterest page.

January 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Mon 12 Jan 2015

We ring in 2015 with LightWave 2015! Artists who have not yet moved to the latest release of LightWave are offered a free 30-day full feature trial to give it an in-depth look. Our Artist of the Month is KHAN, Cédric Magne of Paris uses LightWave to create stunning animations for some of the world’s most prestigious brands while also sharing his talents to raise awareness for causes such as Unicef. We also go behind the scenes of Defiance’s Season 2 VFX magic, unveil the cutest Flu Awareness Campaign from We Are Formation, and Introduce the characters in the upcoming animated short Gangoul & Tricksy. Paradigm Marketing and Creative shows how to use LightWave to create, market and advertise top shelf and urban living, the LightWave 2014 Holiday Challenge winners are revealed, and 3D World magazine offers up a sweet deal for LightWave artists.