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Swarming in Sleepy Hollow

See how the popular Fox Television show uses LightWave and its VPR to create swarming effects.

Sun 15 Mar 2015

Sleepy Hollow is a US police drama series from the writers and producers of Star Trek, created for 20th Century Fox Television. The story, based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, twists the 1820s plot to include the supernatural/horror genre, which keep audiences engaged and coming back for more. See the role LightWave 3D and its VPR plays in the creation of swarms of locusts and murders of crows for believable visual effects.

UNESCO Project Unveiled

LightWave and LWCAD come together to re-create a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in the Czech Republic

Tue 10 Feb 2015

If you cannot visit the Czech Republic’s famed Villa Tugendhat in person, you can do the next best thing: visit it virtually through an interactive reconstruction created using LightWave 3D and WTools3D’s LWCAD. See how artists at InterMoca use LightWave and LWCAD to re-create the Villa Tugendhat, a 1930s modern architectural icon in the Czech Republic that is now a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site—all within the Unity game engine.

Artist Spotlight: KHAN, C├ędric Magne

Pushing 3D in new directions with LightWave, this Paris-based artist embodies the art of creativity and philanthropy.

Fri 09 Jan 2015

Since becoming a 3D animator 14 years ago, KHAN continues to  learn new 3D techniques, perfecting his skills and expanding the way he visualizes the physical world—with its objects, lighting and textures—in a virtual environment. In his digital creative studio—555Lab in Paris—he’s created 3D animations for many high-profile brands including: Audi, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior, Nespresso, Champagnes Bollinger, Armani, Deutz and Masterdisk to name but a few.

Defiance Season 2 In-House VFX

Behind the Scenes with the Defiance VFX Team -- LightWave is the backbone to their CG pipeline

Fri 09 Jan 2015

One of the most popular shows on the Syfy Channel, Defiance has a huge LightWave pipeline and a team of artists that rely on the software to help them deliver stellar visual effects in every episode. Have a look at what the VFX team accomplishes in this behind the scenes montage from Season 2, and prepare for Season 3. 

Artist Spotlight: Oscar Palma

See how this self-taught Spanish artist delivers impressive results for his clients using LightWave 3D

Mon 08 Dec 2014

Oscar Palma is truly a jack-of-all-trades. He works on projects, gives private lessons, and advises studios on their pipeline setups. He is also all about bringing his ideas to life with LightWave 3D. Over the years, Palma has done a bit of everything: info-architecture, stereoscopy, planetarium films, real-time applications, and visual effects for films and TV series, television commercials, corporate videos, video mapping and more.

Digital humans: An interview with Chris Jones

3DTotal talks with one-man band, Chris Jones, about his incredible animated digital human project, involving LightWave 3D

Mon 24 Nov 2014

Chris Jones is a Creative Generalist living in Melbourne, Australia, where he spends most of his days working on personal projects. Freelancing from time to time, illustrating books here and there, and animating for film and TV when time permits, Chris is always up for a challenge - whether it's directing and creating his own animated short film, or creating animated hyper-real humans to blow our minds!

Artist Spotlight: Lorenzo Zitta

An extremely talented digital artist relies on LightWave to deliver incredible (and memorable) results

Wed 01 Oct 2014

Italian Artist Lorenzo Zitta knows how to create 3D art that demands a second look. Whether the still is computer-generated within LightWave 3D, an artful arrangement of digital photos, or a combination of the two, the composition of the scene – with its attention to detail and unusual merging of objects – elicits a closer look. Zitta calls it “photo manipulation,” and it definitely catches the attention of viewers. Learn more about this talented artist and see why we have selected him as our Power Artist for October 2014.

Muppets: Propshop uses LightWave and 3D printing for car to catch Kermit

3D Develop magazine shares an interview of how PropShop uses LightWave to deliver props for the recent Muppets movie

Mon 29 Sep 2014

Special effects is a wonderfully diverse industry, where else could you be crating warrior armour and weapons one day, then sculptures of footballers the next?

Propshop is one such company in the relatively small and interconnected world of effects, and most recently it’s been working on the Disney Muppets movie, Muppets Most Wanted. See how they used LightWave and 3D Printing to deliver props for this particular film.