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Gundam Tribute Renders

Amazing Gundam Tribute Renders from Xavier Enfruns

Thu 08 Oct 2015

After a few months away from 3D, Xavier Enfruns is back with more Gundam universe renders. Renders are done 100% in LightWave! For some of them, the texturing process has been done through Substance Painter and rendered in the LightWave native render engine. A special thanks to Andrew Comb for his outstanding nodes.

Show Reel Spotlight: Ryota Suyama

A great show reel can really showcase your talent!

Thu 08 Oct 2015

As an artist, your show reel is one of your most valuable assets, it shows the world your talents and sells your unique skillset.  LightWave 3D Artist Ryota Suyama provided us with his very impressive reel and we wanted to share it with you as well.  If you have a reel that you are particularly proud of, be sure to drop us a note with more details and your URL at We would love to see your best work and we will be sharing the best work with the LightWave community to help get the word out about talented LightWave artists.

Education Spotlight: With Great Power Comes Great Creativity

How Anthony Hall of Vision West Nottinghamshire College in the UK is bringing up the next-generation of LightWave 3D Artists

Wed 16 Sep 2015

At Vision West Nottinghamshire College, affectionately known as West Notts, LightWave 3D Tutor Anthony Hall is fond of telling his Interactive Media/3D animation students, With Great Power Comes Great Creativity, and despite their amusement, they do get it. See how this school teaches its students to succeed with LightWave 3D software.

Student Experiences with LightWave 3D

West Notts Interactive Media Students Reflect on their LightWave Experiences

Wed 16 Sep 2015

With the guidance of  instructor Anthony Hall, we connect with current and former students of Vision West Notthinghamshire College ( affectionately called West Notts) about learning LightWave in weeks and applying  their skills to a variety of projects. This is a showcase of some of the top students at West Notts and a little background on the projects they created using LightWave 3D software.

Show Reel Spotlight: Martin Boumans

A great show reel can really showcase your talent! Check out this diverse LightWave 3D filled show reel!

Wed 16 Sep 2015

A great show reel can really tell your story and sell your talents. We love discovering stellar new show reels from LightWave artists like the one showcased here. If you have a reel that you are particularly proud of, be sure to drop us a note with your URLat We would love to see your best work!

Artist Spotlight: Bruce Branit

Visual Effects Artist Bruce Branit uses LightWave 3D to create extremely credible imaginary scenes and events for film, television and the Web

Sun 09 Aug 2015

The combination of LightWave 3D and ready access to powerful IP networks enabled Bruce Branit to become a World Builder in his own personal life. Rather than continue living in Los Angeles—where he moved to work on visual effects for Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine, among other shows—he was able to move his young family to Kansas City, MO where the cost of living is substantially lower. “LightWave 3D lets me produce films and Web serials that use visual effects in a way that’s unexpected for a micro-budget project. That’s why I’m basing the future growth of my company on this platform,”  says Branit.

Artist Spotlight: Mauro Corveloni

Creating incredible characters with LightWave 3D is how Maurocor stands out in a crowd

Tue 07 Jul 2015

While Brazilian 3D Artist Mauro Corveloni has always been interested in art, when it comes to 3D modeling and animation, his interest rises to the level of a passion. Known professionally as Maurocor, this São Paulo artist operates POP Studio de Ilustração (POP Illustration Studio) and he’s amassed an intriguing and impressive 3D portfolio. In his 15 year professional career, he’s contributed unique and imaginative 3D works—created using LightWave 3D—to diverse projects, including visual effects-intensive TV commercials, a music video, a short film and 3D product shots for advertising.

Artist Spotlight: Zsolt Ekho Farkas

While his art is diverse – running the gamut from realistic, to painterly, to cartoony – his tool set is not. He chooses LightWave 3D.

Tue 07 Apr 2015

Every artist dreams of one day creating his or her own masterpiece – a work that will be admired by many and talked about far into the future. But one 3D artist, Zsolt Ekho Farkas of Budapest, Hungary, did in fact create a masterpiece (actually, a re-creation of one) as well as a range of other digital pieces. And while his art is diverse – running the gamut from realistic, to painterly, to cartoony – his tool set is not. For all his projects, Farkas uses LightWave 3D.