SIGGRAPH 2013 Sneak Peek: ChronoSculpt

Sculpt over time to review and correct cache animation and dynamic simulation from any professional 3D program

Tue 13 Aug 2013

ChronoSculpt is a game changer for the 3D community. It introduces sculpting over time, a revolutionary way to review and correct cache animation and dynamic simulation using time-based sculpting tools. Its flexible interface supports leading file formats for all professional 3D software programs, including LightWave 3D®, Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, Luxology Modo, and Maxon Cinema 4D.

SIGGRAPH 2013 Sneak Peek: LightWave 11.6

Get a look at the newest features and enhancements in LightWave 3D software

Wed 07 Aug 2013

Get a peek at the newest features in LightWave 11.6, including new Spline controls, Raycast nodes, 3D printing import and export capabilities with surface color capabilities, a new color picker, CgFX shaders support, Alembic support, and more.

SIGGRAPH 2013 LightWave Show Reel

Amazing 3D visual effects for television and film brought to life with LightWave 3D

Tue 23 Jul 2013

LightWave artists from around the globe have submitted their creative works created in LightWave 3D. We've compiled our favorite submissions this year and created the 2013 SIGGRAPH LightWave 3D Show Reel, which was featured in the LightWave 3D booth during the show. Enjoy!

Dilated Pixels Drives it Home

A Small House Dreams Big with LightWave 3D

Mon 10 Jun 2013

We go behind the scenes with Dilated Pixel to see how they use LightWave in their pipeline and why they rely on LightWave to allow "a small house dream big."

POST TV: Interview with Rob Powers at NAB 2013

CGW Editor Karen Moltenbrey sits down with Rob Powers to discuss the feature announcements in LightWave

Thu 06 Jun 2013

LightWave Group President Rob Powers sits down with CGW Editor Karen Moltenbrey for POST magazine TV to discuss the new features being shown in LightWave at NAB 2013.

Follow Your Vision

Abiogenesis" creator Richard Mans shares how LightWave helped him realize his vision

Fri 31 May 2013

In Richard Man's mind, "Abiogenesis" was a doodle out of control. Over the course of four years, this talented artist learned the ins and outs of LightWave to realize his 3D vision--creating and producing an animated short film that people around the globe just can't quit talking about.

Inside the World of Inhance Digital

LightWave helps artists at Inhance Digital keep projects and budgets under control

Thu 30 May 2013

The artists at Inhance Digital deliver some of the most innovative, interactive and visually compelling visual effects, animation and compositing projects for everything from aerospace and healthcare to broadcast, feature films and games. Go inside the studio to meet the artists and see how LightWave fits into this progressive studio’s robust pipeline to keep quality and budgets in check.

NAB 2013 LightWave 3D MoGraph Reel

Showcases motion graphics works from studios and artists utilizing LightWave 3D

Tue 16 Apr 2013

Take a peek at the NAB 2013 LightWave 3D show real, featuring the outstanding art and motion graphics created by artists all over the globe using LightWave 3D software.