Using Raycast in LightWave 11.6

Jennifer Hachigian shares how to use this powerful new LightWave 11.6 feature in your 3D pipeline

Thu 16 Jan 2014

Want to learn more about the new Raycasting feature in LightWave 11.6? At a recent LightWave User Group in LA, Jennifer Hachigian shows how to put this powerful new tool to work in your LightWave pipeline.

Going Viral, Getting Gasps

Artist Aristomenis Tsirbas knows how to use LightWave to create viral videos that really grab your attention

Thu 16 Jan 2014

Many careers have been made because a photographer or videographer just happened to stumble upon a major event as it unfolded, and capture it for all to see. The chances of this happening, however, are few and far between – many professionals have gone a lifetime without such luck. But, not so for filmmaker Aristomenis (“Meni”) Tsirbas, who creates lifelike OMG moments for the entire world to see. His tool of choice? LightWave 3D.

View the LightWave Creators Session in Tokyo

View the archived live stream from Dstorm's 2013 LightWave Winter Creators Session

Tue 17 Dec 2013

LightWave continues to gain tremendous ground with artists in Japan, as was evidenced by the recent 2013 LightWave Creator's Session hosted by LightWave Reseller Dstorm in Tokyo. Our own Rob Powers and Lino Grandi shared with attendees the latest advancements in LightWave 11.6, NevronMotion and ChronoSculpt. Watch the recorded live stream presentations and see what you missed.


Getting the Boot

Artist Jason Allen Lee turns to LightWave to create impressively realistic product videos for Rocky Elements Boots

Tue 17 Dec 2013

Making a product appealing to consumers is never easy, but the product videos created in LightWave by Jason Allen Lee for Rocky Elements Boots will have you lining up for a pair of your very own. We are showcasing Lee’s latest product video to give you insight into how this talented artist uses LightWave to create a product story that sells.

Discover the Art of Architecture

Arch Viz showreel showcases architectural designs and visualizations created in LightWave 3D

Mon 16 Dec 2013

LightWave may be well known for creating fantastical sci-fi galaxies, puts its reach extends far beyond the creation of intergalactic worlds and incredible spaceships. This stunning new Architectural Showreel highlights many impressive interior and exterior architectural 3D designs created with LightWave 3D software. See how artists around the world are using LightWave to create realistic 3D buildings and environments for their clients, right here on planet earth.

Production Hub: SIGGRAPH 2013 Interview with Rob Powers

Highlights new LightWave 11.6 features and unveils ChronoSculpt and NevronMotion

Wed 14 Aug 2013

The Production Hub crew stops by the LightWave 3D Group's booth at SIGGRAPH 2013 to  find out the latest from Group President Rob Powers.

SIGGRAPH 2013: NevronMotion Live Demonstration

See how NevronMotion for LightWave 11.6 can really streamline mocap for character animation

Tue 13 Aug 2013

Dave Vrba and Lino Grandi of The LightWave 3D Group reveal NevronMotion, a motion re-targeting plug-in with Kinect support for LightWave 11.6, at SIGGRAPH 2013.

SIGGRAPH 2013 Sneak Peek: NevronMotion

A video highlighting NevronMotion Plug-in for mocap and puppeteering with Kinect

Tue 13 Aug 2013

A first-look video of the new NevronMotion plugin for LightWave 11.6 and higher, featuring motion capture, retargeting and puppeteering capabilities.