George Activated

Artist Steve Clarke uses LightWave and Octane Render to animate a concept image from Jake Parker

Wed 23 Apr 2014

Animated short created by Steve Clarke, b.ased on the concept image by Jake Parker. Clarke says: "This started off as just an idea for an image in 3D. I got carried away. I hope you like it." Created with LightWave and Octane.

Recreating a Masterpiece with LightWave

Artist Zsolt Ekho Farkas walks you through the process of creating Benczúr Gyula's 2D painting Budavár Repossession in LightWave

Wed 23 Apr 2014

Ekho Farkas is no stranger to challenges—he took on the 2013 LightWave 3D Holiday Challenge and his entry emerged as the Facebook Fan Favorite. Recently, he took on a much larger challenge—recreating Benczúr Gyula's 19th century masterpiece "Budavár Repossession,” which hangs in the National Gallery of Hungary. See the shot breakdown Farkas shares for recreating this masterpiece in LightWave.

You Spin Me Right Round

LightWave artist David Aguero uses old school techniques to put a new spin on animation

Wed 23 Apr 2014

Artist David Aguero, winner of the 2013 LightWave Holiday Challenge, has been working his magic yet again with LightWave--this time animating a frog spinning on a turntable of rippling water.  To make this particular animated short, Aguero went old school--creating the water with displacements, procedurals and nulls. The results are stunning.

Taking the Gold

Cortical Studios wins a gold medal at the New York Festival for its scientific information film created with LightWave 3D

Wed 23 Apr 2014

Congratlations to Amsterdam-based Cortical Studios, winners of a prestigious gold medal award at the 2014 New York Festivalsthe equivalent to the Oscars for commissioned films, for its scientific information film on probiotics created with LightWave 3D software. In addition to the gold medal, the film also won a bronze medal in the category Animation, and in 2013 it was a finalist in the Global Awards, with its special focus on science and health care.

Tutorials Take You Inside HDR Light Studio for LightWave

DJ Waterman offers two tutorials designed to give you insight into the power of this new plugin

Wed 05 Mar 2014

With the release of the new HDR Light Studio plugin for LightWave 10 and higher, artist DJ Waterman has created two videos designed to show you the features of the new HDR Light Studio plugin for LightWave. Get a features run down, learn more about the program and download the demo here.

Mixing Noir and Heavy Metal

Filter Film Turns to LightWave to create "I am Colossus" Heavy Metal Music Video

Tue 04 Mar 2014

The heart-pumping music in Meshuggah’s heavy metal song “I am Colossus” is hard to ignore. But when accompanied by a symphony of noir imagery, created by the artists at Filter Film using LightWave 3D, the resulting music video becomes an explosion for the senses. Get an inside look at how they delivered what the client was looking for using LightWave.

Video Tutorial: Modeling a Dolphin in LightWave 11

Artist Steve White shares how to use Subdivision Surfaces for Organic Modeling

Thu 13 Feb 2014

Who doesn’t love an in-depth LightWave how-to video tutorial? Artist Steve White has answered the call with a dolphin tutorial created with LightWave 11.5/11.6 SubD Surfaces. This video is only the first part in the series, so be sure to watch the remaining chapters in the description below in the YouTube video.

An Eye for an Eye

Artist Chris Jones

Mon 10 Feb 2014

Artist Chris Jones is well known for his independent animated short “The Passenger,” but now he has set his sights on replicating the human anatomy in CG. Have a look at his latest works in progress (WIPs) and see how he uses LightWave to create some incredibly realistic animations—his latest with over a million views. Now that’s a lot of eyeballs on this stunning WIP!