Bring on the "Real Scary Spiders"

Fuzzy Frog Productions unleashes the Tarantulas with LightWave 3D and Unity 3D

Thu 10 Jul 2014

Who doesn’t love a free game—especially one with really cool CG arachnids and bugs? Fuzzy Frog Productions recently paired LightWave 3D and Unity 3D to deliver  “Real Scary Spiders” a virtual pet game for iOS and Android where players discover and collect Tarantulas, feed them bugs and rear them to adulthood. The game was created for Animal Planet, but, rest assured, the artists at Fuzzy Frog aren’t stopping there. Many more, equally creative projects are in the works. Stay tuned. 

The Mystery of "Golem"

Artists Patrick McCue and Tobias Weisner turn to LightWave to animate the short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem

Wed 28 May 2014

This popular animation from Tobias Weisner and Patrick McCue takes the viewer on a visual journey, one inspired by Stanislaw Lem's short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” released in 1973. LightWave plays a key role in the creation of this Vimeo Staff pick. Prepare to contemplate.

Behind the Scenes of "The Conjuring"

Impressive VFX shots created by David Ridlen and Juan Vargas using LightWave 3D software

Wed 21 May 2014

Go behind the scenes of the popular horror film "The Conjuring" to see how David Ridlen and Juan Vargas used LightWave 3D software  to create some pretty convincing CG visual effects. 


"Ugly Betty" Opener - Arabic Version

Cairo-based O2grafx turns to LightWave to create 3D visuals for "Ugly Betty" Opener

Wed 21 May 2014

"Ugly Betty" is favored around the world. Cairo-based O2grafx used LightWave to create 3D visuals and transitiions for the Arabic version of the popular television series.

Getting a FaceShift

3D Artist Fabio Annunziata shows how to animate a LightWave model in FaceShift and bring it back into LightWave

Wed 14 May 2014

3D artist Fabio Annunziata has created a tutorial that shows you how to set up a model in LightWave, import it into Faceshift markerless motion capture software to perform face tracking. He then exports the model and brings it back into LightWave.


Project Spotlight: Creating a "Category 5"

Platinum Platypus turns to LightWave to create over 100 visual effects shots for the STARZ Original Movie "Category 5"

Tue 13 May 2014

The artists at New-York based Platinum Platypus are no stranger to creating stellar visual effects for television and film. LightWave 3D is their tool of choice and it was used to make 100 visual effects shots for the STARZ Original storm disaster movie “Category 5.” Go behind the scenes and see how LightWave helped create the aftermath of the perfect storm.

Playing with Fire

Mark Hennessy-Barrett shows you how to use Turbulence FD with LightWave

Thu 08 May 2014

Digital artists need to know how to not only walk on fire, they need to know how to create it, too. Mark Hennessy-Barrett shares the function of Turbulence FD plugin in LightWave to create explosive results. A two-part video demonstration presented at the Los Angeles LightWave User Group meeting. 

Camera Mapping, Camera Matching

Pete Sussi shares his skills for camera mapping and camera matching in LightWave

Wed 30 Apr 2014

A detailed how-to  video tutorial created by Pete Sussi of Platinum Platypus that shows how to do camera matching and camera mapping in LightWave 3D.