New LightWave Video Channel Emerges

Offering LightWave Training and Tips to the artistic communities in Turkey

Wed 29 Oct 2014

Making-of "Le pont breton"

LightWave artist Salif Eric n'Diaye gives a shot breakdown of an impressive project made with LightWave 3D

Mon 20 Oct 2014

LightWave artist Salif Eric n'Diaye gives a shot breakdown of an impressive project made with LightWave 3D and After Effects.

Enhancing CT Scans with Winning Results

Students use LightWave 3D and the Volumedic Plugin to enhance CT scans for a medical animation of a mouse lung

Wed 08 Oct 2014

Clarence Wigfall, one of the students working on this  project, discovered the team working on this scientific visualization could vastly improve the imaging lab's results of extremely detailed micro CT scans (down to about 2 microns) with LightWave 3D and the VoluMedic plugin, This particular video, created for the 2014 BioArt Contest, was one of two winners from the United States.

Detailing Ed

Artist Chris Jones relies on LightWave, Scuptris and Krita to create an incredibly realistic human WIP.

Fri 26 Sep 2014

3D Artist Chris Jones continues to astound audiences with his incredible animations. His latest work in progress is Ed, a stunningly realistic human animation that uses LightWave mixed with Sculptris and Krita to delivers stunning results. Thankfully this one includes shot breakdowns—otherwise you might find it hard to believe it is CG. 

LightWave 11.6 Tutorial: Front Projection Camera Mapping

Top of 33 Multimedia has created an in-depth how-to tutorial for camera mapping in LightWave 11.6

Thu 25 Sep 2014

In this tutorial video Top of 33 Multimedia shows you how to set up Camera Mapping in LightWave, a technique used to project an image onto simple geometry to give the appearance of three dimensions.

Modeling a Lifelike Creature

Lorenzo Zitta uses LightWave 11.6 to model a creature for 3D World magazine issue 187

Tue 16 Sep 2014

Italian artist Lorenzo Zitta is no stranger to creating amazing creatures in LightWave. He recently used LightWave 11.6 and Zbrush to create a lizard creature tutorial for 3D World magazine (issue 187). Watch his video tutorial and see how this talented artist makes it all come together.

Under the Sea

An underwater terrain representing North of Rum, Scotland includes incredibly realistic detail

Thu 04 Sep 2014

Go beneath the sea in North of Rum,  Scotland, where  an entirely CG representation of the underwater terrain has been created with LightWave by Bruizer Films. By using LightWave, Sculptris and a whole lot of instancing, this underwater scene is so realistic; it’s hard to believe it’s actually CG.

LightWave Space Command Winners Revealed

First ever Space Command contest announces winners whose spaceships will be featured in the Space Command Movie

Tue 19 Aug 2014

The first ever LightWave Space Command Challenge received entries from around the world -- and after long and careful review of all the entires, the Space Command Judges have chosen the winners! Because there were so many stellar entries, they added an extra winner and many honorable mentions. The winners' spaceships will be featured in Space Command, along with screen credit. They will also receive a suite of software from the LightWave 3D Group.