Defiance Season 2 In-House VFX

Behind the Scenes with the Defiance VFX Team -- LightWave is the backbone to their CG pipeline

Fri 09 Jan 2015

One of the most popular shows on the Syfy Channel, Defiance has a huge LightWave pipeline and a team of artists that rely on the software to help them deliver stellar visual effects in every episode. Have a look at what the VFX team accomplishes in this behind the scenes montage from Season 2, and prepare for Season 3. 

Hooray for Kids and Competitions!

West Virginia high school students create entry for Robotics Competition using LightWave with many tackling the challenge as first time animators

Fri 09 Jan 2015

It takes a village – or in this case a team of high school students and a LightWave savvy instructor – to prepare an animated entry for the Annual First Robotics Competition Safety Animation Contest. These students from Putnam County, West Virginia had little or no previous animation experience, but with LightWave and determination, they were able to deliver an animation with a message – in only two months. Kudos to these kids for making it happen! 

Delivering Impressive Archviz

Artist Clément Ver Eecke models, renders and animates with LightWave for the Calais Port 2015 project

Thu 08 Jan 2015

LightWave artist Clément Ver Eecke created realistic architectural visualization for Calais Port 2015: Future major logistics program. See a standalone video of his design and also how it is integrated in the final movie project.

Artist Spotlight: Oscar Palma

See how this self-taught Spanish artist delivers impressive results for his clients using LightWave 3D

Mon 08 Dec 2014

Oscar Palma is truly a jack-of-all-trades. He works on projects, gives private lessons, and advises studios on their pipeline setups. He is also all about bringing his ideas to life with LightWave 3D. Over the years, Palma has done a bit of everything: info-architecture, stereoscopy, planetarium films, real-time applications, and visual effects for films and TV series, television commercials, corporate videos, video mapping and more.

Anti-Gravity: An Animated Parody

Jeff Blythe Tells the story his way, with LightWave 3D and After Effects

Wed 03 Dec 2014

Jeff Blythe has created his own animated version of the award-winning blockbuster film Gravity. Using LightWave for modeling, rendering and animation and After Effects for compositing, Blythe makes it clear that "in space, life is impossible," but with LightWave, you can deliver impressive results.

Wheels in Motion

Seoul-based NESIAC turns to LightWave 3D and Octane to deliver incredible results!

Mon 01 Dec 2014

NESIAC OF Seoul, Korea used LightWave 3D and Octane Render to create this video for the 2014 Hankook Tire Design Innovation:  'A Great Challenge for a Great Change.' Watch and you will see how they  deliver truly stunning results!

New Promo Video for One Direction includes LightWave 3D in the Mix

Mark Warner creates mograph for a new movie promo for the most popular band in the world

Mon 01 Dec 2014

Mark Warner was asked to create the motion graphics and UI for the Blu-Ray and DVD release of One Direction's Where We Are movie. He used After Effects was  for the motion graphics and comping, LightWave 3D for some of the Polaroids, dynamics, and additional 3d elements, and Premiere  for editing everything together and the comping menu options on top.

Cantinflas Animated Titles Opener

D10 Studio creates an impressive movie opener with LightWave 3D and After Effects

Mon 17 Nov 2014

This movie opener makes a nod to iconic movies throughout the history of cinema. To make the magic happen, D10 Studio relied on LightWave 3D to create practically all the 3D elements and After Effects for all the compositing.