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Artist Spotlight: Bruce Branit

Visual Effects Artist Bruce Branit uses LightWave 3D to create extremely credible imaginary scenes and events for film, television and the Web

Sun 09 Aug 2015

The combination of LightWave 3D and ready access to powerful IP networks enabled Bruce Branit to become a World Builder in his own personal life. Rather than continue living in Los Angeles—where he moved to work on visual effects for Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine, among other shows—he was able to move his young family to Kansas City, MO where the cost of living is substantially lower. “LightWave 3D lets me produce films and Web serials that use visual effects in a way that’s unexpected for a micro-budget project. That’s why I’m basing the future growth of my company on this platform,”  says Branit.

Show Reel Spotlight: Nigel Schutte

We love a killer Show Reel! This LightWave artist really knows how to showcase his talent.

Sun 09 Aug 2015

LightWave 3D artist Nigel Schutte knows how to grab your  attention with a Show Reel that really highlights his impressive work. Not only is it a way to showcase his talent, it is a great tool to share with studios looking to staff up for projects or add artists to their mix. Give this reel a look and we think you will see why we like it so much!

Artist Spotlight: Mauro Corveloni

Creating incredible characters with LightWave 3D is how Maurocor stands out in a crowd

Tue 07 Jul 2015

While Brazilian 3D Artist Mauro Corveloni has always been interested in art, when it comes to 3D modeling and animation, his interest rises to the level of a passion. Known professionally as Maurocor, this São Paulo artist operates POP Studio de Ilustração (POP Illustration Studio) and he’s amassed an intriguing and impressive 3D portfolio. In his 15 year professional career, he’s contributed unique and imaginative 3D works—created using LightWave 3D—to diverse projects, including visual effects-intensive TV commercials, a music video, a short film and 3D product shots for advertising.

A Gangoul & Tricksy Teaser

Rendered in LightWave, this animated project from Tricksy Media is both intriguing and creepy at the same time.

Thu 02 Jul 2015

Tricksy Media is making progress with its animated short Gangoul & Tricksy, which  is targeting a Halloween release. Working with LightWave in the pipeline, the team is making progress with the short and has released a new teaser that is both intriguing and creepy at the same time. We look forward to seeing the short and encourage your check out the teaser for a little inspiration to create your own animated short with LightWave. 

HurleyWorks Releases Advanced Placement Plugin

For LightWave 11.6.3 and LightWave 2015, this plugin

Mon 18 May 2015

The Advanced Placement plugin by Hurleyworks inc. is an interactive physics-based tool for placing scene items and their instances or clones into a LightWave 11.6.3 or LightWave 2015+ scene. The company is offering a limited time $149 launch price (a savings of $50). Click to view videos and get more details about this new plugin.

Get to Know "Tokyo Ghoul"

Oscar Nominaee Shuhei Morita delivers popular anime TV series with LightWave 3D

Mon 18 May 2015

We love anime - especially when created with LightWave 3D. Discover "Tokyo Ghoul," a popular anime television series created with LightWave 3D by Oscar Nominee Shuhei Morita.

Understanding OctaneRender for LightWave 3D

Lino Grandi offers a series of video tutorials that detail using the Otoy OctaneRender plugin for LightWave 3D

Mon 18 May 2015

We have a new series of training videos from resident LightWave artist Lino Grandi that are designed to get you up to speed with features such as the Camera, Displacement, Render Target,  FiberFX, and Instancing. See how these videos can help simplify the learning curve when working with OctaneRender and Lightwave 3D.

Tool Chefs Unveils Free Deformation Plugins for LightWave

New Harmonic Deformer and V-Deformer plugins available for creating deformations in LightWave 11 and LightWave 2015

Thu 14 May 2015

The Tool Chefs Harmonic Deformer is a free form deformer plugin for LightWave 11 and LightWave 2015 that uses a closed mesh (cage) to deform a high-resolution mesh. Its implementation is based on the SIGGRAPH Paper from Pixar about Harmonic Coordinates for Character AnimationBased on an earlier plugin by Daniele Federico, V-Deformer can be used to deform a mesh using multiple magnet handles, a polyline, or a spline curve and is particularly useful for morph creation and combing hair.