Artist Spotlight: Steve Mcardle

This sculptor with a passion for CG creates incredible art pieces using LightWave 11.6

Mon 17 Mar 2014

Steve Mcardle is not only a fine artist, illustrator, sculptor, animator and director; he’s also an incredible LightWave 3D artist. While a fan of manipulating things digitally, Mcardle likes to create a foundation in 3D and built upon it with drawing or photography. The results are stunningly beautiful, and a testament to LightWave’s mantra—made by artists for artists. One look at his portfolio and we’re sure you’ll see why we have chosen him as our Power Artist for March 2014.

The Toaster and Tim's Vermeer

Creative Cow's Tim Wilson interviews NewTek founder Tim Jenison on his new movie; credits LightWave in the process

Tue 11 Mar 2014

The inventor of the NewTek Video Toaster was certain that he figured out the secret behind the uncanny realism of one of the world's greatest painters, and certain he could use the same methods to duplicate it. Really? Yes, really. Join us for a conversation with NewTek founder Tim Jenison on the unexpected intersection of art, technology, obsession and the Video Toaster in the wonderfully provocative documentary called Tim's Vermeer. Go behind the story and see why Tim says: "I had a lot more confidence going in because I started in LightWave."

Inside the Space Shuttle Atlantis Project

LightWave plays a key role in this 2014 VES Award-winning Special Project

Wed 05 Mar 2014

This extremely ambitious project for the Kennedy Space Center teams LightWave veteran John Gross with a group of extremely talented artists to create the richly immersive "Space Shuttle Atlantis" project, bringing the illusion of being in outer space to viewers. Find out how LightWave performed in the pipeline and see for yourself why this stunning project received the 2014 VES Award for "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project."

Artist Spotlight: Jason Allen Lee

Using LightWave to make advertising magic for Rocky Outdoor Gear and more

Mon 10 Feb 2014

Making art of advertising, artist Jason Allen Lee uses LightWave to create incredibly lifelike advertisments and product videos for Sullivan Branding. One of the most compelling campaigns to date includes Rocky Elements work boots, where Allen's attention to design, detail and texturing really creates a compelling end result. One look at his images and product videos and you'll see why we chose Jason as our artist of the month.

Post Perspective: Quick chat with ‘Sleepy Hollow’ VFX supervisor Jason Zimmerman

LightWave plays a role in the VFX success of Fox's hit show

Mon 03 Feb 2014

The first season of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, which recently had its season finale, averaged anywhere from 30 to 300 visual effects shots. The show’s VFX supervisor, Jason Zimmerman, had three go-to houses — Synaptic VFX, Pixomondo, and Fuse — to create what the producers wanted: feature-film-level visual effects to help illustrate its re-telling of the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. LightWave managed to play a key role in the VFX pipeline of the hit show. 

Going Viral, Getting Gasps

Artist Aristomenis Tsirbas knows how to use LightWave to create viral videos that really grab your attention

Thu 16 Jan 2014

Many careers have been made because a photographer or videographer just happened to stumble upon a major event as it unfolded, and capture it for all to see. The chances of this happening, however, are few and far between – many professionals have gone a lifetime without such luck. But, not so for filmmaker Aristomenis (“Meni”) Tsirbas, who creates lifelike OMG moments for the entire world to see. His tool of choice? LightWave 3D.

Hero Props That Save the Day

Propshop turns to LightWave 3D and 3D Printing to create just the right props for high-profile films

Mon 13 Jan 2014

In the James Bond thriller Skyfall, a Merlin helicopter crashes into a building and is engulfed in flames and smoke. At first, you might think it was a clever CG effect that composited a 3D helicopter with a live-action plate. Or perhaps it was a real helicopter that was sacrificed for the sake of the movie? Or was it a realistic miniature model? The answers to these questions can be found within the walls of the Digital Department at UK-based PropShop, where LightWave 3D and 3D printing play a starring role in prop creation for high-profile films.

Artist Spotlight: Sebastian Smolak

Getting the most out of LightWave 3D for architectural visualization

Wed 11 Dec 2013

When commercial developers and architects want to see what their new building will look like once it’s built, it would be nice to photograph it from all angles or allow them to tour the place day or night. Problem is, the property doesn’t exist. It hasn’t been built yet. 3D Artist Sebastian Smolak gets around this problem by creating photorealistic 3D architectural visualizations and animated clips that show in extraordinary detail what a building will look like when it’s finished.