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3D Kits in LightWave

See how the talented artist Spooky Pooka create these impressive 3D Kits series using LightWave 3D

Thu 17 Dec 2015

Almost everyone has assembled a toy model kit of an airplane or vehicle at some time in their life. With that in mind the UK-based artist Spooka Pooka shares with us the digital equivalent of model assembly.  Using the power of the LightWave Modeler tools Spooka Pooka created this impressive 3D Kits series. Says Pooka, “The beautiful ergonomics of LightWave Modeler [...] make the Kits a joy to work on. Starting with the intuitive layer system I can very easily experiment with the composition of numerous elements.”

Build Palm Springs’ most-famous house in LightWave 3D

Mon 23 Nov 2015

Oscar Anchondo recently shared a LightWave tutorial on the famous and most architecturally noteworthy home: the Kaufmann House. If you are a passionate architect or just curious about the Art's history, you should definitely check this great tutorial!

Jackpot City Casino

The VFX & digital postproduction studio i-real Studios released their lastest LightWave 3D work

Fri 06 Nov 2015

With branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Portugal, Peru and Chile, the VFX & digital post production studio i-real Studios released their latest amazing work, Jackpot City Casino. Modeling, animation, simulations, dynamics, and layout were entirely made with LightWave 3D and “LightWave successfully copes with absolutely everything”!  i-real Studios opens its doors and share with us all the details of their stunning project.

Escargore, the new Horror-Comedy Short

ChronoSculpt has been used to create this incredible animated short film

Wed 04 Nov 2015

Director and Lecturer at Media Design School in Auckland (New Zealand,) Oliver Hilbert talks to us about Escargore, the latest third-year production completed in four months by a group of 22 students. He shares with us their creation process and how they used ChronoSculpt in their pipeline to create this beautiful short!

Japanese Anime Master: Shuhei Morita

Interview with Shuhei Morita from YAMATOWORKS

Fri 30 Oct 2015

On the occasion of the LightWave Wavy Awards 10th Anniversary, Tokyo-based LightWave reseller D-Storm interviewed the Oscar-nominated director Shuhei Morita (YAMATOWORKS) to learn more about his amazing career history, creative inspiration and use of LightWave in his anime pipeline.  Winner of the 1999 Japanese LightWave Wavy Awards competition, Morita explains how LightWave 3D has changed his life! Check out this inspiring interview of a Japanese Master Anime Creator, Director, and Artist!

Artist Spolight: Nigel Schütte

Delivering CG projects that are motivated by passion and uncompromising quality

Mon 26 Oct 2015

For Nigel Schütte—a 3D CG Animator in Johannesburg, South Africa—CG was his passion long before it was his job. While commercial clients and agencies often push animators to give them good-fast-and-cheap, Schütte strives to find the right balance. He wants to keep his clients happy to ensure repeat business, but he’s mindful not to let their tight budgets and deadlines derail his high-quality standards.

Studio Spotlight : Omnivision

Beautifully rendered digital architectural images using all of the power of LightWave to create stunning architectural visualizations

Thu 08 Oct 2015

Omnivision is a company that specializes in beautifully rendered digital architectural images using all of the power of LightWave to create stunning architectural visualizations.  With great attention to detail and impressively designed interiors, the very talented Italian artist, Alessandro Di Fulvio, granted us a few minutes to answer our questions.

Education Spotlight: With Great Power Comes Great Creativity

How Anthony Hall of Vision West Nottinghamshire College in the UK is bringing up the next-generation of LightWave 3D Artists

Wed 16 Sep 2015

At Vision West Nottinghamshire College, affectionately known as West Notts, LightWave 3D Tutor Anthony Hall is fond of telling his Interactive Media/3D animation students, With Great Power Comes Great Creativity, and despite their amusement, they do get it. See how this school teaches its students to succeed with LightWave 3D software.