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Artist Spotlight: Mark Kochinski

Six years in the making, LightWave plays a key role in the upcoming "Dr. Obsidian" film noir to HD adventure

Tue 19 Nov 2013

Mark Kochinski created the Dr. Obsidian comic-book hero and the character’s mythology several years ago in hopes of captivating movie audiences. What’s unique, though, is that Dr. Obsidian was never meant to exist – in reality or fantasy. See how LightWave plays a role in this forthcoming documentary-style movie and why the spotlight shines on Kochinski’s creation this month.

Meet LightWave Legend Ron Thornton

Ron Thornton broke new ground for visual effects in the 90s with LightWave and his innovation with the software continues today

Tue 12 Nov 2013

Ron Thornton has been pushing the boundaries of CG in the television industry for years. His tool of choice? LightWave 3D. See what motivates and inspires this talented 3D artist, whose pioneering efforts blazed new trails for visual effects in the 90s with popular television shows like “Babylon 5.” Thornton credits his success as an artist to LightWave and relies on LightWave 11.6 today to deliver incredible results.

Artist Spotlight: Enrique Sandoval Castro

Building a Freelance Career Worldwide with LightWave from Deep in the Heart of Mexico

Tue 08 Oct 2013

Mexico City may still be considered an evolving 3D animation and effects market,  but Enrique Sandoval Castro’s artistic talent and LightWave skills have catapulted him into the global visual effects arena as a successful freelance artist for visual effects in  movies, commercials, and videogames. 

Studio Spotlight: Animaj Studios

Produces First Stereo 3D Animated Feature Film in Turkey using LightWave 3D

Tue 03 Sep 2013

Animaj Studios based in Istanbul, Turkey is breaking new ground in the world of Turkish cinema, and using LightWave 3D to make it happen. The studio, created by longtime LightWave Artist and Director Sahin Michael Derun, is set to premiere its first feature filmUK-2911 (short for Uzay Kuvvetleri 2911)—in early 2014.

Meet the Jedi Knights of SyFy’s Defiance

LightWave helps Defiance CG artists create everything from virtual environments to Hellbugs

Tue 27 Aug 2013

With their finely honed LightWave skills, the CG artists of Defiance joke that they’re like Jedi Knights practicing an obscure religion and wielding 3D tools with mysterious powers. Using LightWave 3D, these CG artists moved virtual heaven and earth to create the new world of Defiance.

CGW: SIGGRAPH 2013 Interview

Chief Editor Karen Moltenbrey interviews Rob Powers about the new announcements at the show

Mon 19 Aug 2013

CGW's Karen Moltenbrey sits down with Rob Powers at SIGGRAPH 2013 to learn about the new announcements at the show from the LightWave 3D Group.

Production Hub: SIGGRAPH 2013 Interview with Rob Powers

Highlights new LightWave 11.6 features and unveils ChronoSculpt and NevronMotion

Wed 14 Aug 2013

The Production Hub crew stops by the LightWave 3D Group's booth at SIGGRAPH 2013 to  find out the latest from Group President Rob Powers.

Studio Spotlight: Game on at Tainicom

Mobile gaming and LightWave come together for Pinball League: The World of Dr. Pickaxe

Tue 25 Jun 2013

“Editor's Choice - Pinball League - Dr. Pickaxe is rocking our world on Windows Phone.” That’s the headline on the web site Windows Phone Central, which covers everything related to Windows mobile phones. The game, created by Athens, Greece-based Tainicom finds that the precise tools for low polygon model creation in LightWave are crucial for game graphics and smooth gameplay on mobile GPUs.