Tutorials Take You Inside HDR Light Studio for LightWave

DJ Waterman offers two tutorials designed to give you insight into the power of this new plugin

Posted: Wed 05 Mar 2014

With the release of the new HDR Light Studio plugin for LightWave 10 and higher, artist DJ Waterman has created two videos designed to show you the features of the new HDR Light Studio plugin for LightWave. Get a features run down, learn more about the program and download the demo here.

Part 1

A brief run down of what HDR Light Studio is and how is works inside of Lightwave as a plugin.

Part 2

This tutorial demonstrates using HDR Light Studio to light a reflective chrome object in a studio type set up. There is only one actual light in the scene and it is in there to provide shadow. All of the environmental reflection is created with the HDR LS plugin for Lightwave.