Studio Spotlight: Ghostlight

See how this talented team relies on LightWave 3D to create impressive visual effects

Posted: Wed 24 May 2017

Run by David and James Codeglia -- twin filmmakers whose clients have included Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, and LucasFilm -- Ghostlight is offering creative filmmaking services like Directing, Cinematography, Editing as well as creating Visual Effects for major studios and independents alike. With LightWave as their weapon of choice, this studio has collaborated on hundreds of projects of any type and budget, from independent productions to major studio projects like Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII. LightWave managed to play a key role in their VFX pipeline. Check out Ghostlight 's recent VFX works and get ready to be impressed by such unique talent!

Interview with David Codeglia

LightWave 3D has been our animation package of choice for over a decade. It is easy to use, fast, and just so beautiful. At Ghostlight, we take VFX shots from concept to completion, so it is important that every step from modeling to rendering feel logical and streamlined. That is what LightWave gives us, and why we have used it for so long.

Over 1500 bats! One bat was rigged & animated with cloth simulation for the wings, saved as .mdd file, attached to Flocking particle system, rendered with Instancing.

The new Flocking system recently allowed us to create a swarm of 1500 bats that felt alive. Instancing gave us tons of geometry render detail, yet smooth interaction while animating. And of course, LightWave’s renderer has always given us gorgeous results.

TurbulenceFD for Lightwave creates some amazing fire and smoke effects.

This opening shot for Cracked.comhas exaggerated Radiosity to give it that miniature feel

For the big spaceship shot, we doubled our Radiosity settings to exaggerate the light bounce, making the ship feel more like an old school Star Wars miniature. LightWave makes it fast and easy to create gorgeous imagery. What is more important than that?

Ghostlight used LightWave 3D to design this accurate walking ED-209 costume. This project was featured in the following interview, so check this out!  

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