Sleepy Hollow S3E13

Once again, the award winning animation studio Lemonade3d is showing impressive work with LightWave 3D!

Posted: Fri 15 Apr 2016

The Season 3 Episode 13 of the iconic FOX TV series Sleepy Hollow has been showing talent of the award winning animation studio Lemonade3D.  The very talented CG artists knew there were several sequences that would directly benefit from using LightWave in the pipeline. Once again, LightWave 3D was their weapon of choice.

By Milivoj Popovic

Lemonade3D was contacted by Origin Digital Studios and the VFX Supervisor of Sleepy Hollow to make 4 shoots for Sleepy Hollow's Season 3 Episode 13. The scenes are about the main characters who find an ancient projector that tells the story of The One and Pandora.
Since the projector in the shoots was created before existence of celluloid film and modern photography we had to come up with a look that would reflect this. After a discussion with the VFS Supervisor and the showrunner, we all agreed that the best look to get was the one of the very early photography.

Reference Images

At Lemonade3D, one of our favorite things is creating interesting renders and visuals, something we explore greatly in our work. We were very excited about this challenge and LightWave 3D is always very helpful for these kind of projects: it allows us to quickly explore ideas and styles, push the envelope further and create something original and interesting.

Using displacement of the geometry and motion blur we got that organic feel of the render. The light was set up in such a way to make big contrast between areas in shadow and those in light.

We then applied heavy post to the render in order to get the strong grain found in early photography’s look. The end result captured the essence of the reference images in just the right way.

Once the renders were completed we had to create additional effects and incorporate them all in the provided plates. 

It was a wonderful experience working with all the great people that make Sleepy Hollow happen and we are very happy to be a part of the series. Lemonade3D is always dedicated to creating digital greatness and we are looking forward to the new challenges and projects the future brings!

Learn more about their work on the Lemonade3d's website, Vimeo or Facebook.