Saudi Bahrain Bridge Project

Another great project from Bahrain Artist Khalid Abdulla al-Muharraqi, founder of Muharraqi Studios

Posted: Tue 17 Jan 2017

Brahain-based Muharraqi Studios impresses us once again with this great example of 3D animation created for the famous King Fahd Causeway bridges. Connecting Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, these series of bridges and causeways were built to improve the links and bonds between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Working on a traffic simulation to improve the efficiency of controls and vehicles maneuverability, the team used the power of LightWave to create this compelling 6-minute animation which includes an amazing environment, realistic cars/trucks’ rigs, and traffic flow simulation using Flocking.


Khalid al-Muharraqi, founder of Muharraqi Studios: A few months ago, we began working on a great project for the King Fahd Causeway (KFC) in Bahrain. Working tightly with our client and logistics’ experts from Germany during 4 weeks, we had to build the master plan entirely in 3D to control the flow of vehicles on the islands and re-design the infrastructure.

We've also developed a 3D animation presentation for the KFC working with the Economic Development Board (EDB) as they are always creating new projects to offer to Bahrain and the Bahrainis a better future. It was a real pleasure and an honor to work on such important development project for both countries!

On a technical side, we used LightWave 3D for this project as well as some 3ds Max models, LWCad and Denis Pontonnier’s plugins. The final render and animation were both done in LightWave. A special thank you goes to my talented and good friend Lino Grandi for his help on creating the nice vehicles’ rigs!!


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