Project Spotlight: Not Humans, Just Robots

Digital Artists Massimo Zuanazzi & René Falk Thomasius team up to create a beautiful tribute to the French electro music duo Daft Punk

Posted: Mon 13 Feb 2017

Coming straight out of a science fiction universe, each project from the Italian digital artist Massimo Zuanazzi demonstrates his great ability to create entertaining and inspiring projects using LightWave 3D. Massimo’s most recent work consists of modeling a highly-detailed 3D robot inspired directly by the universe of the French electronic music duo Daft Punk. With the help of his good friend and LightWave user René Falk Thomasius, they bring together an amazing tribute to the multi Grammy Award-winning electronic music duo. Take a closer look and see their fantastic work for yourself.

Modelling by Massimo Zuanazzi - Surfacing, lighting & rendering by René Falk Thomasius

Massimo Zuanazzi: Hi everyone! Inspired by the multi Grammy Award-winning electronic music duo Daft Punk, here is my personal project of a robot model. I tried to create a highly detailed model with an attractive design.

Thanks to the amazing LightWave 3D tools, the mesh was easily created using hard surface modeling techniques. I didn’t have a precise concept to follow, I just set my imagination free and used my creative skills to model this robot.

Talking about modeling, I always start from basic geometric shapes or from a single polygon and then extrude to create more complex shapes. On this project, I really enjoyed working with some great LightWave modeling tools such as Extender, Transform, Taper, Bandsaw (useful to create the hard edges in Subpatch mode), Edit edge, Multishift and Bevel. Also, a very useful tool was the snap drag to paste the dots between the adjacent polygons and not least Untangle to create circular forms made from quad polygons.

I must say that Lightwave3D has everything you need to get super detailed models with a super-fast response. It is an essential 3D tool because it offers speed and performance with high visual quality.

In Layout, VPR is a huge help in the surfacing’s preparation. It is fast and extremely similar to the final render. I can change and tweak the characteristics of the material in real time, and finally make a nice render.

Thanks to LightWave 3D as an artist and for personal satisfaction, I can improve my creative skills every day.

I wanted to personally thanks all the LightWave 3D Group as well as all my LightWaver friends for taking the time to give me some great advice and help for this project. A special thank you goes to my great friend René Falk Thomasius for his help on creating the following amazing renders as well as taking the time to rig the characters. Without his help, these robots would never have come to life!

RIGGING by René Falk Thomasius

 Surfacing, lighting & rendering by René Falk Thomasius

Learn more about Massimo Zuanazzi:
ArtStation: maxreal
Facebook: zuanazzi.massimo
Youtube: maxreal65

Learn more about René Falk Thomasius:
Facebook: safarifx
Youtube: safarifx2010