Ocassus - Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes with Ocassus and see the role LightWave played in the pipeline

Posted: Wed 04 May 2016

Bringing Ocassus to the “Big Screen” was a pretty ambitious project. For Cesar Turturro—Producer, Director and CG Generalist—this challenge couldn’t be faced without the help of LightWave 3D. First Science Fiction movie ever been produced in Argentina, Ocassus is at a halfway point of being done and the hope is to release it by the Summer of 2017. Discover some of the background VFX and see how LightWave 3D was used to create all the CG scenes.

Cesar Turturro:

Bringing Ocassus to the “Big Screen” was a pretty ambitious project: everything started in 2014, after we needed to shot down a C&D "Valkyrie Project”, a Fan film based on "Robotech”. From designs to animation we've been working hard for about 2 years and finally be able to present the trailer. Since the budget was really low, I push my own limits to create all the CG scenes. We are proud saying this could be done in Argentine by a very small team! With the help of LightWave 3D, we are able to build a full length film of 3M estimated budget and we are now in negotiations with some investors from different parts of the world (USA, Mexico, Europe, Canada, etc.). We are also looking for some LightWave artists to join us in this adventure!

LightWave was of course the one of the mains pillars of the project: you can easily create and animate everything so quickly. When you have to work with complex rigs, with a high detailed models, the speed in Layout is the key to build animations. And this is why I’ve used FBX animations: with a very practical tool I link the FBX rig to my own rig which I built for the mechas. The result was amazing: I could easily animate the characters and make them run, jump, walk or whatever!

Full version available here
Full version available here

The biggest challenge was to animate the harvester. I had to create two rigs, one was for the giant and another was for his armor. But thanks to LightWave and FBX, this was done so quickly and once again the result was amazing! I’ve also tried to reduce as much as possible render times since everything was made with one CPU!

Turbulence was used for some explosions and smoke and Hypervoxels for guns, sparks, dust. I really prefer to use Hypervoxels for his fast and very good results!

This will be the first Sci-fi movie ever been produced primarily in Argentina and actually done 100% in LightWave! So if you want to join the team for this adventure, please feel free to contact us at cesarturturro@gmail.com

Full version available here


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