New LightWave to SketchFab Plug-in Now Available

The LWG teams up with SketchFab to create a new exporter plug-in to share, embed and view interactive 3D models online

Posted: Thu 12 Jun 2014


Example of a LightWave 3D model currently uploaded to the Sketchfab web site -- you can interactively view it from all angles in real time.

The LightWave 3D Group has teamed up with Sketchfab Inc. to deliver a free plug-in for LightWave 3D software version 11.5 or higher that seamlessly exports 3D models from LightWave to Sketchfab, a popular online web platform that allows users to publish, share, embed, and view interactive 3D models in real time.

With the LightWave 3D plug-in for Sketchfab, content creators such as artists, architects and designers, can upload 3D models directly from LightWave into Sketchfab for real-time display in the browser. Users can also add metadata, share models on the web. and easily remove models using the dashboard. The Sketchfab viewer can also be embedded and shared on any web page, similar to how a YouTube video is shared.

“Our goal at Sketchfab is to be the easiest way for 3D creators to publish their work online,” said Alban Denoyel, CEO, Sketchfab. “One way to better achieve this is to integrate closely with the tools they use. We are happy to add LightWave to our list of exporters, making the workflow from the software to the web as seamless as possible.”

“The new LightWave exporter plug-in for Sketchfab opens new doors for artists and designers who want to interactively publish and share their work online,” said Rob Powers, president, LightWave 3D Group. “It’s a flexible way for users to showcase their work and we’re excited to see how the LightWave 3D community takes advantage of the technology.”

The Sketchfab plug-in for LightWave version 11.5 or higher supports Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Download the LightWave plug-in for Sketchfab at

For more information about Sketchfab or to create a free account, visit

Video tutorial that explains how to use the new Sketchfab exporter plugin with LightWave 11.6.

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