Minuet (2014)

Contemporary Visual Artist Mats Jørgen Sivertsen uses LightWave 3D to create an impressive 17-minute short film

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015

Mats Jørgen Sivertsen is a contemporary visual artist living and working in Oslo, Norway. Through the use of various artistic media - from comics to photography, film and installations - Sivertsen expresses his talent and his point of view on topics such as transhumanism and cyborgs. In this interview Mats Jørgen Sivertsen shares his thoughts on the creative power of LightWave 3D and tells us about his latest LightWave project Minuet, an impressive 17-minute sci-fi/drama.

Eve and Sebastian live alone in the forest, far away from modern civilisation. One day Eve finds a strange metal object in the garden and brings it into the house. Sebastian is skeptical and soon this new element upsets the tender balance of their relationship.

Mats: Minuet, a 17-minute short film, thematically follows earlier works I’ve done dealing with transhumanism and cyborgs – notably the photo series myBorg: a cyborg manifested, the interactive installation subConch and the performance The Oslo Experiment. The 2007 photo series myBorg: a cyborg manifested was my first proper project using LightWave since trying it out on my Amiga back in the early 90s. As you can see my skills have improved somewhat since then  :-)

Images from "myBorg: a cyborg manifested"

About Minuet Project
Mats: Because of a limited budget – and a keen interest I must admit – I did the whole production design and the visual effects myself. We 3d-printed the main prop from my LW-model and the prop builder handmade moulds for the gilded parts based on renders. We soon realised there were a couple of scenes where the props just wouldn’t do – the reveal of the golden orifice and the shot where the camera descends into the pod at night, so these had to be done 100% in cgi. There was also no budget to build large scale props like the ones we see in the garden pullouts, so those were planned as cgi from the very beginning.

LightWave Models

Garden Pods

In addition I added some moving wires to make the shots where the guy is trapped come more alive. I found it was great to use this spline tool thing in Layout for this and quickly got great results. The shot that took the most time was the gold shot – especially making the shading right on the gold and making the final look fit seamlessly in with the live footage.

Moving Wires


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