Motion Graphics in action!

LightWave artist Salif Eric N'Diaye gives a shot breakdown of an impressive project made with LightWave 3D

Posted: Mon 13 Jun 2016

Relying on LightWave to deliver stunning results, Salif Eric N’diaye—who boasts a thriving freelance career in Paris producing 3D animation for ad agencies and high-profile accounts— is once again showing his talent with the making-of “Le Hangar” for NJR 12, a French television network. This is a great example of 3D logo animation & motion graphics that's been 100% done using LightWave 3D!

One LightWave feature that has been a very important in this project was Instances. The entire hangar was mainly created with the help of this feature. I quickly set up the structure of the hangar thanks to simple volumes which I intensified. Using Instances, I was able to make the structure more complex without weighing it down. It’s for me one of the key points of this feature.

I had a dozen objects available to create the logo. After a few objects placement tests, I quickly realized the number of objects wasn’t enough to give the complexity that I wanted. So I decided to create nulls (that has been changed in Instances right after) in order to increase the number of elements without weighing my scene.

To manage the screws and nuts that fly in the logo I created a cloud of points in the model that I’ve sent to Layout. I just had to apply on that cloud instance a generator that allowed me to easily manage animation (rotation) and the change in size through the available options.

About the shading of the mechanical parts, the time for this project did not allow me to UV on all parts. so I decided to use weights map shaders. I could paint the areas where I wished to have very specific effects (rust, dust, wear etc.).

Regarding the lighting, I used light areas for mood lights to provide realistic shadows and I used light spots to simulate the light of ceiling lights. To optimize render times, I prepared scenes based on past I wanted to do.

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