Posted: Thu 29 Oct 2015

A Japanese competition organized by D-Storm and LightWave 3D, the Wavy Awards 2015-2016 is celebrating his 10th Anniversary this year! Dedicated to recognizing exceptional Japanese LightWave artists, this competition is there to help users and give them the chance to present their amazing 3D CG works to some of the famous LightWave legends and professionals from the CG industry. This event is also there to help studios to create the next generation of talented 3DCG artists. So if you are a LightWave 3D artist in japan, don't miss the chance to show your talent! This competition is made for you!

More details about this event: http://www.dstorm.co.jp/wavy2015_2016/
Want to participate? https://www.dstorm.co.jp/support/Wavy2015_entry/entry.php
Want to check the Past Awards?  http://www.dstorm.co.jp/wavy2015_2016/past_award.html

Past JAPANESE LightWave Wavy Awards WINNERS

 2011 First Prize: YKBX/amazarashi『アノミー』


 2011 Second Prize: 青山 桃実/CHRONO CRAVIS TRAILER


 2010 First Prize: YKBX/amazarashi『夏を待っていました』


 2010 Second Prize: 大谷太郎/ちょう使いまわし