Honoring Splinegod

LightWave Legend Larry Schultz's YouTube Channel continues to share his knowledge with others.

Posted: Wed 19 Dec 2012

The Lightwave community recently lost one of its all-time greats—Larry Schultz, aka Splinegod. Not only was Larry an artist, teacher, motivator and friend to many in the community, including the LightWave 3D team, he was a LightWave legend. To honor the incredible work Larry did for everyone in the community, we encourage you to visit his Splinegod YouTube Channel and peruse the many LightWave videos he created for the entire community. We can’t thank you enough Splinegod. Your legacy lives on.

Visit the Splinegod Youtube Channel to see a very small sampling of how Larry shared his skills with the LightWave community. Some of his most recent tutorials are below.

Fracturing Tutorial in LightWave


Google earth to LightWave 3D


Creating Endomorphs in LightWave 3D