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A great example of 3D illustrations created with LightWave 3D for the popular GQ Magazine

Posted: Tue 17 Jan 2017

From concept to cover, digital artist Graham Hutchings uses LightWave 3D to create revolutionary images for many of today's popular magazines. His most recent work consists of several beautiful illustrations for the February 2017 edition of the popular GQ Magazine. Mostly done in 2 days from sketch, concepts to rendering, these impressive images were entirely created with LightWave 3D. Take a closer look and see Graham’s fantastic work for yourself.

“LightWave is a great, intuitive artist tool. It allows me to develop concepts very quickly [while] being remote, working to very tight deadlines of days, not weeks." Hutchings says. “It lets me interpret the style the art director is visualizing for an article. I also find that I can render images quickly using LightWave’s native render engine, so I usually can deliver my work without the need for a renderfarm.”



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Vimeo: sinelab