Genoma 2 - Unity, Ant Preset and more!

Lino Grandi continues his educational series of in-depth Genoma 2 tutorials with six new videos covering everything from Unity to Presets

Posted: Sun 15 Mar 2015

Lino Grandi, resident LightWave animator and the force behind Genoma 2 technology in LightWave 2015, has created three new series of Genoma 2 video tutorials all designed to help you better understand the power and flexibility of this robust rigging environment. Check out these videos and see how they can help improve your creative pipeline for games and more.

Genoma 2 to Unity 

Download the presets and scripts (for Part 4) here: 


Using and Customizing the Ant Preset Rig in Genoma 2

Ant model courtesy Lorenzo Zitta at

Download assets at:


Genoma 2 RDK: Aligning Items