From 2D to 3D

LightWave 3D Artist Milivoj Popovic details how he used LightWave to create this beautiful 3D image

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015

LightWave Artist and co-founder of the award winning studio Lemonade3D, which has received over 50 international awards, Milivoj Popovic reveals to the LightWave Community the amazing process of creating his latest 3D work Granny.

"Ever since I've seen the concept art by Sam Nielson of a quirky old granny with some strange cooking habits, I wanted to make it in 3d! It seemed like a really fun project and I wasn't wrong!" Popovic says.

"There's a lot of challenges and opportunities to learn in such projects - modeling, lighting, all manner of different materials and shaders, from hair to skin, liquid, glass, metal and more, it had it all. I've been working in Lightwave3D for years now and I really love the creative freedom it gives me and it's definitely my go to tool for such projects. I love to experiment in it and I love the simplicity and power of it's shading system. Combined with Zbrush it was all I needed! This is how Granny was born!" he adds.

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