Delivering Impressive Archviz

LightWave artist Peter Waldemar gives the inside scoop on creating top-quality architectural visualization for the furniture industry

Posted: Tue 17 Jan 2017

Peter Waldemar—an extremely talented Polish artist—visualizes architecture and furniture in very impressive ways. Working alone or with a team of creative people, Waldemar creates top-quality archviz images for the furniture industry. Using the power of LightWave 3D and Kray together, Peter seamlessly blends photography into his 3D environments to create realistic and stunningly beautiful 3D interior designs. Teaming up with other brilliant LightWave artists—such as Janusz Biela—Peter’s architectural visualization also include fully immersive walk-throughs of virtual 3D interior designs. Just one look at this extremely talented artist’s work and you will recognize a true master.


My adventure with LightWave 3D started over 20 years ago when I was spending most of my time in front of the computer playing old games and working on some computer graphics movies. Through learning and working on several projects, I saw my skills improving and finally decided to expand my childhood passion into something more serious. After getting some great feedback about my work, my childhood friend Piotr and I decided to create a small company to express our creativity freely. We now are a team composed of several people: a 3D modeler, a photographer, 2D graphic designers and coders.

During my career, I also had the chance to meet the amazing and talented artist Janusz Biela, who inspired me and helped me a lot with improving my skills. He is a real master and a great example of success. Using LightWave 3D and Kray, we have been working together on some exciting and inspiring projects.

Waldemar Peter‎ & Janusz Biela's works

Poland (and especially the region where I come from) is well-known for his manufacturer’s furniture: it was natural for us to work for this kind of industry. We used LightWave 3D since the very first day: it's always been our favorite creative tool and it's a great all-in-one software. By now, we know LightWave 3D in and out and this knowledge allows us to really take advantage of everything it has to offer and gives us the flexibility we need to keep exploring new ways of approaching and creating photorealistic renders. The workflow is easy, gives results right away. Also, to ensure the texture and shape fidelity, we all know that this requires a good software and a lot of experience: LightWave 3D gives us something more, it makes everything come “alive.”

Our creative process starts with a picture or a piece of furniture provided by the client. For upholstered furniture, we mix traditional photography as well as 3D environment. For the rest, our visualization designs are made 100 % in 3D, from modeling to rendering.

To determine the right perspective, we use camera front projection (using the shot of the furniture as a mask) and we adjust the camera position/focal length adapting the perspective. Then we do our best to match the lighting and shading.

Then we setup the render using a tool that we absolutely love, K-Ray, which helps us express our art exactly as we have envisioned and planned.

Waldemar Peter‎ & Janusz Biela's worksWaldemar Peter‎ & Janusz Biela's works

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