FX Animation: Students' Final Project & Demo Reel Spotlight

Dani Folch & Albert Ribas

Posted: Wed 11 May 2016

As an artist, your showreel is one of your most valuable assets and shows the world your skillset. At FX Animation (Barcelona), students learn how to become real professionals: Dani Folch and Albert Ribas have combined their creativity and skills in this final project, giving us an example of some prodigious achievement!

If you have a reel that you are particularly proud of, be sure to drop us a note with more details and your URL at demoreel@lightwave3d.com. We would love to see your best work!

Final Project - Dani Folch & Albert Ribas

Dani Folch

Dani Folch: The spaceship shots are part of my Master's degree final project: all the modeling, lighting and render process are done in LightWave 3D. The four engines are parented to the body, and the engine legs are instanced. I used LightWave motion modifier "Cyclist" for these legs in order to have a "landing mode". For the lighting process of the first sequence, I used an HDRI with baked radiosity and some lights to simulate sunlight. I've used two main lights parented to the ship's rotation instead of using an HDRI image for the last sequence of the reel. I wanted a 1280x720 resolution but I rendered every pass at double size with the purpose to reduce some noise at the smallest areas.

In the Viking Ship shot, all the ship modelling is done in LightWave 3D. For the water movement, I used procedurals linked to motion nulls as it is explained in an awesome LightWave 3D tutorial by Louis du Mont. For the fire creation process I used Turbulence FD for LightWave.

 Albert Ribas

Learn more about Dani Folch: Website,Vimeo or Behance.
Learn more about Albert Ribas: Vimeo or Behance.
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