Compositing, Animation and Motion Design

From Modelling to Animation, the French artist Fabrice Loyola relies on LightWave to deliver great results.

Posted: Mon 18 Jan 2016

The LightWave artist Fabrice Loyola is not new to create great visual effects for advertising. Playing an important role in his digital artist career, LightWave 3D is his tool of choice and his all-in-one 3D software package. In this interview, he explains why he chose to rely on LightWave to deliver his great results.

Fabrice: Video Toaster, does this sound familiar? A mix between software and hardware developed by NewTek in the early 90's for video editing. At that time, NewTek introduced a 3D program in its pipeline: LightWave 3D, which will significantly contribute to the brand's success. I was young and fascinated by the genius programmers and those pioneers of 3D. I wanted to follow in their footsteps. They never stopped to be my inspiration me in my digital artist career.

And it was stronger than me, I had to do a bit of everything. Compositing was the best way to put together 3D models with videos or illustrations. My Demo Reel expresses my versatility. Whether I need to just illustrate or animate, LightWave brings together all the tools I need to meet any high end market expectation.

For example, in this Castle scene, I've used Hypervoxels to generate the dense vegetation of leaves, a procedural approach to simulate organic textures.
The metal snake project allowed me to explore the power of the Instances, a technique used to multiply an object in a scene as many times as needed  without increasing memory usage or render times. Here the snake's scales were cloned thousands of times using Instances.

The advertising industry is fond of everything related to 3D. Sometimes, it's not using real photography to create product packshots, but 3D software. More flexible, faster, illustrative or photorealistic as needed, the technique has proven itself. LightWave becomes an amazing virtual photo studio provided with a large variety of lights.

We all agree that when it comes time to composite a product in a shot for the purposes of advertising, customers appreciate the ability to quickly change the camera angle or lighting sources. They can evolve and test the product design in real time. This probably explains why some professional photographers are beginning to look more seriously into 3D. For this reason, I can't recommend enough LightWave 3D for offering us an excellent and all-in-one 3D software package!