Black Holes, a new 3D Animated TV Series

See how Noodles Studio relies on LightWave 3D to create this incredible animated TV Series

Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2016

Directed by French artists David and Laurent Nicolas (Noodles California), Black Holes is a 3D Animated TV Series based on "Pierre le Cosmonaute" project (2000). With a unique graphic style, "Black Holes" revolves around an astronaut overwhelmed by frivolous insecurities while preparing for the most important mission of his life: the conquest of Mars. Selected at 2017 Sundance Film Festival for the Animated Short Films Category, the pilot will be presented during the festival. The team gives us an insight into their creation process and how they used LightWave 3D in their pipeline to create this animated series.

Kevos Van Der Meiren (main producer): Black Holes is a 3D animated series about space, the meaning of life and proctology. Created by french directors David and Laurent Nicolas, the pilot will be presented at Sundance Film Festival in 2017.

Director David Nicolas and CG supervisor Sylvain Pellodi have been using LightWave 3D since the very beginning. 20 years later we keep using LightWave 3D for its qualities: stability, speed and flexibility. For this project in particular, we are using LightWave 3D for almost everything: modeling, texturing, animation, layout, motion dynamics, VFX!

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