Back to the Future!

Eugenio García Villarreal revealed the making of his incredible "Back to the Future" image

Posted: Mon 02 Nov 2015

In  honor of the 30th anniversary of the worldwide sci-fi cultural phenomenon Back to the Future, the gorgeous LightWave 3D artist Eugenio García Villarreal shows us the power of LightWave creating a very nice DeLorean tribute image. With a great touch of creativity and inspiration, Eugenio revealed to the LightWave community how he used LightWave to make this possible. Take a look to this making of! Higher resolution images can be found on his ArtStation Profile.

Hi!  I'm Eugenio and I wanted to share with you guys a quick insight of my "Back to the Future" project. As the 30th anniversary of the iconic 80's sci-fi movie Back to the Future was coming, I wanted to honor the movie by creating this tribute image.

I already had a straight and precise idea of the shot I wanted to create, so I've been searching for some great references of the McFly's house first. Since I'm not a great car modeler, I decide to buy the DeLorean model from squir website. 

To create the house, I essentially used basic box modeling tools, such as box primitives, cylinders, Bevel, Knife , Chamfer and Rounder tools.

Then, since I wanted more control over objects placement, I used the Place Mesh tool for modeling some leaves and rocks.

For the Delorean model, I've been working on all the surface shaders. I've mostly tweaked presets in order to get a good result.

Once all the models have been created, I sent them to Layout to setup the scene. To make realistic leaves, I used Evermotion Vegetation with some shaders from DPkit.

For scene lighting, I used a lot of point lights inside the house with linear falloff, spotlights for the car lights, and since I wanted to add a touch of 80's style, I added a pink area light to create a nice color contrast.

After taking care of scene lighting, I decided to UV map only the floor (below you can see the images I've used). I stuck to high resolution maps because I was planning to do a large render.

After modeling, lighting and texturing the scene, I chose a good camera angle to create the shot.

In order to get some nice, rich and saturated colors, I launched a 8000x 3930 pixels RAW render so I could work on the postproduction stage in Photoshop.

Essential step to finalize an image: color corrections in Photoshop! I adjusted the intensity of colors as well as the contrast of that image. I also added some nice details: smoke, sky and colored flags coming out of the door of the DeLorean. Since I wanted sharp textures and contrasts, I used a pass of hdri filter and added a vignette effect.

Here is the final image! I hope you like it!
And just for the fun, I've also created a daylight version of that image :)