LightWave 11: A Most Impressive Release for NewTek

Renderosity's Ricky Grove reviews LightWave 11

Mon 04 Jun 2012

"This is a most impressive release of LightWave 3D for NewTek that goes a long way to reestablishing their commitment to making the application a strong choice for 3D artists."

Behind the Scenes at Nickelodeon Studios

Nickelodeon's artists use LightWave to stay ahead of the turnaround curve

Wed 16 May 2012

Go behind the scenes with the Nickelodeon Studios team to learn how they use LightWave 3D in their production pipeline for everything from SpongeBob Squarepants to The Fairly Odd Parents.

Evolving Artist(ry): One Man, One Tool

Animator and illustrator Chris O’Riley hones his craft with LightWave

Mon 07 May 2012

Artist Chris O’Riley can never predict what his next project will be, but he is always certain of one thing: the tool he will use to achieve it. For nearly two decades, he has been tackling various animation and illustration assignments from major news outlets and advertisers, growing and expanding as a digital artist, using NewTek’s LightWave 3D.

An Interview with Iron Sky Director Timo Vuorensola

Groundbreaking indie film leaves the "dark side of the moon" with LightWave

Tue 01 May 2012

Timo talks about Iron Sky and the important contributions LightWave made in bringing this indie film to silver screens worldwide.

NAB 2012 LightWave Videos

Behind the scenes with the NewTek team and LightWave at NAB 2012

Thu 26 Apr 2012

This video includes a short overview of some of the LightWave 11 demos from NAB 2012 in Las Vegas along with a photo scrapbook of some of the NewTek staff at the show.

"Red Tails" Delivers Monumental Maneuvers

Radical 3D delivers impressive aerial combat previz with LightWave

Wed 25 Apr 2012

Production of Red Tails proved to be as unique as its subject—a heroic group of black U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) servicemen who painted the tails of their aircraft red and became known as "Red Tails." Like the airmen, the film had a precarious start, but a strong and lasting finish.

Into SUNRISE Studios

Rob Powers Visits SUNRISE Anime Studio in Tokyo, Japan - in Anaglyph 3D Video

Fri 20 Apr 2012

The SUNRISE Anime Studio produces some of the best Japanese Anime in the world including the Blockbuster hit series Freedom. They rely on LightWave in their productions to create 2D  anime-style shaded renders.

"Iron Sky" Conquers the World, One Theater at a Time

Energia Productions delivers a dark sci-fi comedy with LightWave

Tue 17 Apr 2012

From humble beginnings in the Northern European nation known better for angry bird games or mobile phones, Energia Productions has stormed onto the movie scene and stirred up a groundswell of interest and excitement in anticipation of the Finnish visual effects house’s first full-length feature film, Iron Sky.

Premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in early February 2012, Iron Sky became a social media phenomenon, logging more than 5 million YouTube views of the Iron Sky trailer and more than 100,000 Facebook and Twitter fans. The movie premiered in North American in March at SXSW in Austin, Texas.