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Show Reel Spotlight: FX Animation Barcelona 3D & Film School

One of the top 3D animation and design schools in the world shares with us a great overview of their creativity using LightWave 3D

Tue 17 Jan 2017

A great show reel is one of your most valuable assets; it shows and sells your skills. Spanish-based 3D School FX Animation knows how powerful LightWave 3D is as a tool to express art. From visual effects to video games, students at FX Animation rely on LightWave to prepare for their careers in real-world production environments. Specialized in visual effects, character animation, ArchViz and video games, this show reel presents a great overview of students’ creativity during the 2016’s school year.

LightWave 3D Inspirations: Engram Studio

Engram studio knows how to use LightWave to create these breathtaking architectural CG renderings

Tue 13 Dec 2016

Once again, Engram Studio shows to the world the awesome power of LightWave by creating these incredible architectural images. Through a sophisticated use of photorealism bordering on hyperrealism, these top-quality renderings show buildings in all their glory while visually conveying overtones like contemporary urban edginess, avant-garde futuristic, or even at times a gloomy and ominous mood.

Spacecraft Modeling

Digital Artist Dirk Steffens shares an insight into his latest modeling and texturing project

Tue 13 Dec 2016

Over the years, the talented artist Dirk Steffens (aka Luke) learned the ins and outs of LightWave 3D to realize his vision--creating space scenes. Originally dedicated to Product Design, Steffens combined his powerful modeling skills with the amazing LightWave 3D tools to create this beautiful example of a spacecraft model. Still a WIP, he is using this project to grow his own modeling and texturing skills. See how a single artist used LightWave 3D, OctaneRender and 3D-Coat to deliver his vision.

The Duracell Bunny Biography

A great example of 3D Animated Characters created in LightWave 3D

Tue 13 Dec 2016

London-based 3D Studio We are Formation impressed us once again with this great example of 3D animated characters created for the famous American battery manufacturer Duracell. Creative partner and 3D artist of We Are Formation, Louis du Mont granted us a few minutes to explain the importance of LightWave 3D in their production pipeline. Go behind the scenes and see how LightWave 3D enabled him to create this incredible project.

Black Holes, a new 3D Animated TV Series

See how Noodles Studio relies on LightWave 3D to create this incredible animated TV Series

Tue 13 Dec 2016

Directed by French artists David and Laurent Nicolas (Noodles California), "Black Holes" is a 3D Animated TV Series based on "Pierre le Cosmonaute" project (2000). With a unique graphic style, "Black Holes" revolves around an astronaut overwhelmed by frivolous insecurities while preparing for the most important mission of his life: the conquest of Mars. Selected at 2017 Sundance Film Festival for the Animated Short Films Category, the pilot will be presented during the festival. The team gives us an insight into their creation process and how they used LightWave 3D in their pipeline to create this animated series.

Wanted by Lorenzo Zitta

An extremely talented digital artist relies on LightWave 3D to deliver incredible results

Fri 11 Nov 2016

The extremely talented digital artist Lorenzo Zitta is no stranger to creating amazing (and unusual) characters with LightWave 3D. Whether the still is computer-generated within LightWave 3D, an artful arrangement of digital photos, or a combination of the 2, the composition of the scene inspires a closer look. For Halloween, he has been using his talent to create this funny and visually impressive CG image.

Ricardo Urbano Hyundai

A great example of CG image created with LightWave 3D

Thu 10 Nov 2016

LightWave 3D gives you the tools needed to create great visual effects! When making art for Advertising, digital artist Ricardo Urbano uses LightWave 3D to create incredibly lifelike advertisements and product videos. One of his latest project was to recreate a football stadium in 3D for a TV commercial for the compact crossover SUV Hyundai Tucson. See how LightWave 3D played a great role in rendering the project.

LightWave 3D Inspirations

Beautiful LightWave Images from Artur Zgódka, Neil MacCormack & Jet Cooper

Wed 09 Nov 2016

This month three amazingly talented LightWave 3D artists, Artur Zgódka, Neil MacCormack & Jet Cooper show to the world the awesome power of LightWave by creating these incredible images. Send us your best 3D images and we will include the best on the LightWave Gallery. It is fun to show your talent and great to grow your career by introducing your skills and abilities to a worldwide audience. The top images may be selected for global advertising, which gives great exposure to our amazing LightWave artists.

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