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Artist Neil Maccormack brings fantastic, futuristic worlds to life with LightWave

Wed 19 Dec 2012

Great artists are often heralded for their distinctive, signature styles and Artist Neil Maccormack is no exception. His medium is a 3D canvas on which he creates visually expansive, futuristic, sci-fi worlds and fantastical moments. Maccormack brings his visually rich imagination to life with the help of LightWave 3D, which allows him to work much like a fine artist. But instead of applying paint to a canvas, he builds rich 3D images in layers—starting with a background then adding foreground layers and elementsmuch like an artist paints a watercolor.

Japanese Studio Profile: SUNRISE Inc.

Anime artists at SUNRISE explore creative freedom with LightWave

Wed 19 Dec 2012

Japan-based SUNRISE Inc. certainly knows how to keep an audience entertained with award-winning movies and animated shots that couple the art of traditional anime with 21st century CG technology. In this Q&A, learn how Animation Director Shuhei Morita and Manager Kiyohiko Takayama of SUNRISE have integrated LightWave into the studio’s production pipeline to help meet the studio’s tight deadline and deliver anime that really entertains.

Honoring Splinegod

LightWave Legend Larry Schultz's YouTube Channel continues to share his knowledge with others.

Wed 19 Dec 2012

The Lightwave community recently lost one of its all-time greats—Larry Schultz, aka Splinegod. Not only was Larry an artist, teacher, motivator and friend to many in the community, including the LightWave 3D team, he was a LightWave legend. To honor the incredible work Larry did for everyone in the community, we encourage you to visit his Splinegod YouTube Channel and peruse the many LightWave videos he created for the entire community. We can’t thank you enough Splinegod. Your legacy lives on.

Putting on the Crush

LightWave Legend Larry Schultz crushes cans in his last tutorial for the LightWave 3D Group

Wed 19 Dec 2012

Creating a tutorial with tools and techniques that can be applied to other projects is always a challenge. However, not too long ago Larry Schultz (aka Splinegod)  found a thread in the LightWave forum where an artist was looking for a way to animate the crushing of a soda can. After some thought, it was apparent he could create this type of animation using several segments, rather than a simple cylinder, to allow the areas to bulge and dent from the crushing force. Larry takes you through the process step by step in his last tutorial created for the LightWave 3D Group.

Rob Powers: The Guy at the Wheel of the New LightWave

FX Guide's Mike Seymour interviews Powers for insight into LightWave today and tomorrow

Wed 28 Nov 2012

FX Guide's Mike Seymour spends time with Rob Powers to learn more about the new LightWave 3D Group, the upcoming features in LightWave and how as President of the LightWave division, Powers will keep the  LightWave momentum moving forward.

LightWave 3D Creates a Virtual Set for TV, Movies

Design News' Cabe Atwell Discusses LightWave for creation of "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome"

Tue 27 Nov 2012

Design News Contributing Editor Cabe Atwell discusses Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome and television visual effects produced with LightWave.

A Day in the Life of a Virus

November 2012 Power Artist Brett Murrah creates stunning scientific vis with LightWave

Mon 19 Nov 2012

After all the research, client conferences, and consultations with medical experts and scriptwriters are complete, artist Brett Murrah of XVIVO Scientific Animation turns to LightWave 3D to translate his creative vision of these particular projects to 3D onscreen visuals. Brett has been selected as the LightWave Power Artist for November 2012.

3D Artist Tutorial: Modeling wires, pipes and cables

Craig A. Clark shares tutorial tips for creating wires, pipes and cables in LightWave

Mon 19 Nov 2012

Artist Craig A. Clark shares his tips for completing an engine with wires, pipes and cables created in LightWave.