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New 2D/3D Crossgrade Opportunity for LightWave 2015 is revealed

Mon 02 Feb 2015

If you have been on the fence about adding LightWave to your creative arsenal, the time is now! Crossgrade from any 2D/3D software to LightWave 2015 for only $695. Offer ends February 20, 2015. 
Save $300 Now!

Artist Spotlight: KHAN, C├ędric Magne

Pushing 3D in new directions with LightWave, this Paris-based artist embodies the art of creativity and philanthropy.

Fri 09 Jan 2015

Since becoming a 3D animator 14 years ago, KHAN continues to  learn new 3D techniques, perfecting his skills and expanding the way he visualizes the physical world—with its objects, lighting and textures—in a virtual environment. In his digital creative studio—555Lab in Paris—he’s created 3D animations for many high-profile brands including: Audi, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior, Nespresso, Champagnes Bollinger, Armani, Deutz and Masterdisk to name but a few.

Cutest Flu Awareness Campaign Ever!

We Are Formation worked with Big Pink and GlaxoSmithKline to create an animated awareness campaign using LightWave 3D.

Fri 09 Jan 2015

We Are Formation turned to LightWave 3D to create quite possibly the cutest educational video campaign ever featuring flu monsters. Created for client Big Pink, on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline, the characters in this video are so loveable, you will find yourself smiling. Yes, smiling at flu germs!

Selling Top Shelf and Urban Living

Paradigm Marketing and Creative turns to LightWave to create impressive marketing videos that sell apartment living in Nashville

Fri 09 Jan 2015

Paradigm Marketing and Creative turned to LightWave to create videos for Artisan on the 18th and Opus29—both apartment projects in the Nashville area. Not only did Paradigm handle the 3D, it also did all the branding, marketing, and advertising. Take a peek at these impressive videos and get inspired!

Introducing Gangoul and Tricksy

Mark Harrison VFX is creating an animated movie slated for Halloween 2016 and it is all LightWave 3D

Fri 09 Jan 2015

Created by Mark Harrison VFX, The  story of Gangoul & Tricksy is springing to life in LightWave 3D. The story is set on the eve of Halloween and tells the tale of a mean and nasty sweets fanatic who is unwilling to share his hoard of candy. 

Defiance Season 2 In-House VFX

Behind the Scenes with the Defiance VFX Team -- LightWave is the backbone to their CG pipeline

Fri 09 Jan 2015

One of the most popular shows on the Syfy Channel, Defiance has a huge LightWave pipeline and a team of artists that rely on the software to help them deliver stellar visual effects in every episode. Have a look at what the VFX team accomplishes in this behind the scenes montage from Season 2, and prepare for Season 3. 

3D World Special Subscription Offer

3D World offers up a sweet deal to LightWave Artists

Fri 09 Jan 2015

As a special offer for the Lightwave Community, 3D World  magazine for CG artists is offering the first three issues for just £5/$10 when you subscribe.
Each issue is packed with tutorials, inspiration and tips covering animation, VFX and 3D skills PLUS regular tutorials on Lightwave 3D.

Hooray for Kids and Competitions!

West Virginia high school students create entry for Robotics Competition using LightWave with many tackling the challenge as first time animators

Fri 09 Jan 2015

It takes a village – or in this case a team of high school students and a LightWave savvy instructor – to prepare an animated entry for the Annual First Robotics Competition Safety Animation Contest. These students from Putnam County, West Virginia had little or no previous animation experience, but with LightWave and determination, they were able to deliver an animation with a message – in only two months. Kudos to these kids for making it happen!