Education Spotlight: With Great Power Comes Great Creativity

How Anthony Hall of Vision West Nottinghamshire College in the UK is bringing up the next-generation of LightWave 3D Artists

Wed 16 Sep 2015

At Vision West Nottinghamshire College, affectionately known as West Notts, LightWave 3D Tutor Anthony Hall is fond of telling his Interactive Media/3D animation students, With Great Power Comes Great Creativity, and despite their amusement, they do get it. See how this school teaches its students to succeed with LightWave 3D software.

Student Experiences with LightWave 3D

West Notts Interactive Media Students Reflect on their LightWave Experiences

Wed 16 Sep 2015

With the guidance of  instructor Anthony Hall, we connect with current and former students of Vision West Notthinghamshire College ( affectionately called West Notts) about learning LightWave in weeks and applying  their skills to a variety of projects. This is a showcase of some of the top students at West Notts and a little background on the projects they created using LightWave 3D software.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

Energia Productions releases a a new trailer of its remastered edition of Star Wreck (2005)

Wed 16 Sep 2015

Energia Productions sent us a link to the trailer of its remastered edition of Star Wreck (2005) – which was created entirely with LightWave 3D. Samuli Torssonen, visual effects artist on the film, told us the production began in LightWave 5.6 and was more recently updated with LightWave 11. They anticipate it will be complete end of 2015, just in time for the 10th anniversary of the film. 


Show Reel Spotlight: Martin Boumans

A great show reel can really showcase your talent! Check out this diverse LightWave 3D filled show reel!

Wed 16 Sep 2015

A great show reel can really tell your story and sell your talents. We love discovering stellar new show reels from LightWave artists like the one showcased here. If you have a reel that you are particularly proud of, be sure to drop us a note with your URLat We would love to see your best work!

Finite Energy Breakdown

Using LightWave, PhotoShop and Maxwell Render plugin, Juan Manuel Mollevi offers a shot breakdown of a recent work

Wed 16 Sep 2015

Creative Director Juan Manuel Mollevi, who is also a Master Student at FX Animation, showcases a shot breakdown of a LightWave model rendered with the Maxwell Render plugin. He offers up some tips for using PhotoShop and the Maxell plugin to achieve the look you’re after.

LightWave Spring into Summer Challenge Winners Revealed

Our most bountiful LightWave 3D Contest to date - with great prizes and impressive entries in the Art and ArchViz categories

Wed 16 Sep 2015

The LightWave Spring Into Summer Challenge is a wrap and everyone who competed was a winner with rendering credits from the Render4U Render Farm. Many thanks to all the sponsors for their generous prizes: 3rd Powers, DB&W, Tool Chefs, VoluMedic, and WTools3D. Check out the winning entries in the Art and Archviz categories and give them props for their wins.

Computer Graphics World Chats with Rob Powers at SIGGRAPH 2015

Chief Editor Karen Moltenbrey interviews Rob Powers about the latest from the LightWave 3D Group

Fri 28 Aug 2015

Computer Graphics World interviews Rob Powers at SIGGRAPH 2015 to gain insight on the latest from the LightWave 3D Group. Sits Down with Rob Powers

LightWave 3D Group president shares insight of LightWave with ShareCG at SIGGRAPH 2015

Tue 25 Aug 2015

At the recent SIGGRAPH 2015 Exhibition in Los Angeles, sat down with LightWave 3D Group President Rob Powers to discuss the advantages of LightWave 2015 for everything from VFX to archviz while gathering a little background information along the way.