Thu 29 Oct 2015

A Japanese competition organized by D-Storm and LightWave 3D, the Wavy Awards 2015-2016 is celebrating his 10th Anniversary this year! Dedicated to recognizing exceptional Japanese LightWave artists, this competition is there to help users and give them the chance to present their amazing 3D CG works to some of the famous LightWave legends and professionals from the CG industry. This event is also there to help studios to create the next generation of talented 3DCG artists. So if you are a LightWave 3D artist in japan, don't miss the chance to show your talent! This competition is made for you!

Artist Spolight: Nigel Schütte

Delivering CG projects that are motivated by passion and uncompromising quality

Mon 26 Oct 2015

For Nigel Schütte—a 3D CG Animator in Johannesburg, South Africa—CG was his passion long before it was his job. While commercial clients and agencies often push animators to give them good-fast-and-cheap, Schütte strives to find the right balance. He wants to keep his clients happy to ensure repeat business, but he’s mindful not to let their tight budgets and deadlines derail his high-quality standards.

Studio Spotlight : Omnivision

Beautifully rendered digital architectural images using all of the power of LightWave to create stunning architectural visualizations

Thu 08 Oct 2015

Omnivision is a company that specializes in beautifully rendered digital architectural images using all of the power of LightWave to create stunning architectural visualizations.  With great attention to detail and impressively designed interiors, the very talented Italian artist, Alessandro Di Fulvio, granted us a few minutes to answer our questions.

Crazy LightWave Renders

Beautiful renders from Oscar Anchondo, David Alexander Ary Agüero & Artur Zgódka

Thu 08 Oct 2015

This month, the talented group of LightWave 3D artists, Oscar Anchondo, David Alexander Ary Agüero & Artur Zgódka show the power of LightWave creating these incredible renders. Don't forget to share and submit your best LightWave 3D images on the LightWave Gallery.  It’s fun to show off and be noticed and we always love to include the best work in our worldwide advertising to give great exposure to our amazing LightWave artists.

Piranha in sight!

Jeremy Park shows off some of his character animation skills

Thu 08 Oct 2015

In the abyss, you can some make strange encounters! With this beautiful animation, Jeremy Park shows off some of his character animation skills. Animated and rendered in LightWave. Watch it now!

Gundam Tribute Renders

Amazing Gundam Tribute Renders from Xavier Enfruns

Thu 08 Oct 2015

After a few months away from 3D, Xavier Enfruns is back with more Gundam universe renders. Renders are done 100% in LightWave! For some of them, the texturing process has been done through Substance Painter and rendered in the LightWave native render engine. A special thanks to Andrew Comb for his outstanding nodes.

Motion Graphics Tutorials with LightWave

Incredible series of motion graphics tutorials made by Mark Warner

Thu 08 Oct 2015

Do you want an easy and quick way to learn some Motion Graphics tricks using LightWave? Watch the cool tutorials posted by artist Mark Warner on his Vimeo channel. You'll see some great examples of simple scenes that could help you to express your creativity!

Gardening with LightWave 2015 Instancer and OctaneRender

Nice video from René Falk Thomasius about instancing and rendering in LightWave

Thu 08 Oct 2015

In this video, LightWave Guru,  aka René Falk Thomasius, shows us how fast instancing and rendering (using OctaneRender in this case) in LightWave can be. So let's take a step outside and explore his beautiful virtual natural landscape environment!