Build Palm Springs’ most-famous house in LightWave 3D

Mon 23 Nov 2015

Oscar Anchondo recently shared a LightWave tutorial on the famous and most architecturally noteworthy home: the Kaufmann House. If you are a passionate architect or just curious about the Art's history, you should definitely check this great tutorial!

ToolChefs plugins for free!

Mon 23 Nov 2015

Specializing in the creation of unique plugins for a variety of software, ToolChefs announced that all their tools are now available for free! Harmonic Deformer, Modeling Toolset and V-Deformer plugins will help you for creating deformations in LightWave 11 and LightWave 2015! So it's time to see them in action and add them to your workflow!

Jackpot City Casino

The VFX & digital postproduction studio i-real Studios released their lastest LightWave 3D work

Fri 06 Nov 2015

With branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Portugal, Peru and Chile, the VFX & digital post production studio i-real Studios released their latest amazing work, Jackpot City Casino. Modeling, animation, simulations, dynamics, and layout were entirely made with LightWave 3D and “LightWave successfully copes with absolutely everything”!  i-real Studios opens its doors and share with us all the details of their stunning project.

Escargore, the new Horror-Comedy Short

ChronoSculpt has been used to create this incredible animated short film

Wed 04 Nov 2015

Director and Lecturer at Media Design School in Auckland (New Zealand,) Oliver Hilbert talks to us about Escargore, the latest third-year production completed in four months by a group of 22 students. He shares with us their creation process and how they used ChronoSculpt in their pipeline to create this beautiful short!

All Lights on Star Trek!

Beautiful Star Trek renders from Estúdio Makako and Kfir Ram

Tue 03 Nov 2015

The news just came in: CBS Television Studios announced it will launch a totally new Star Trek television series in January 2017! As great Star Trek fans, the graphic studio Estúdio Makako and the LightWave 3D artists Kfir Ram have honored two characters from the cult Sci-Fi series, Leonard Nimoy (AKA Mr Spock) and the Patrick Stewart (AKA Captain Jean-Luc Picard). Take a look at their amazing work!

Back to the Future!

Eugenio García Villarreal releaved the making of his incredible "Back to the Future" image

Mon 02 Nov 2015

In  honor of the 30th anniversary of the worldwide sci-fi cultural phenomenon Back to the Future, the gorgeous LightWave 3D artist Eugenio García Villarreal shows us the power of LightWave creating a very nice DeLorean tribute image. With a great touch of creativity and inspiration, Eugenio revealed to the LightWave community how he used LightWave to make this possible. Take a look to this making of!

Japanese Anime Master: Shuhei Morita

Interview with Shuhei Morita from YAMATOWORKS

Fri 30 Oct 2015

On the occasion of the LightWave Wavy Awards 10th Anniversary, Tokyo-based LightWave reseller D-Storm interviewed the Oscar-nominated director Shuhei Morita (YAMATOWORKS) to learn more about his amazing career history, creative inspiration and use of LightWave in his anime pipeline.  Winner of the 1999 Japanese LightWave Wavy Awards competition, Morita explains how LightWave 3D has changed his life! Check out this inspiring interview of a Japanese Master Anime Creator, Director, and Artist!


Thu 29 Oct 2015

A Japanese competition organized by D-Storm and LightWave 3D, the Wavy Awards 2015-2016 is celebrating his 10th Anniversary this year! Dedicated to recognizing exceptional Japanese LightWave artists, this competition is there to help users and give them the chance to present their amazing 3D CG works to some of the famous LightWave legends and professionals from the CG industry. This event is also there to help studios to create the next generation of talented 3DCG artists. So if you are a LightWave 3D artist in japan, don't miss the chance to show your talent! This competition is made for you!