Artist Spotlight: Zsolt Ekho Farkas

While his art is diverse – running the gamut from realistic, to painterly, to cartoony – his tool set is not. He chooses LightWave 3D.

Tue 07 Apr 2015

Every artist dreams of one day creating his or her own masterpiece – a work that will be admired by many and talked about far into the future. But one 3D artist, Zsolt Ekho Farkas of Budapest, Hungary, did in fact create a masterpiece (actually, a re-creation of one) as well as a range of other digital pieces. And while his art is diverse – running the gamut from realistic, to painterly, to cartoony – his tool set is not. For all his projects, Farkas uses LightWave 3D.

Swarming in Sleepy Hollow

See how the popular Fox Television show uses LightWave and its VPR to create swarming effects.

Sun 15 Mar 2015

Sleepy Hollow is a US police drama series from the writers and producers of Star Trek, created for 20th Century Fox Television. The story, based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, twists the 1820s plot to include the supernatural/horror genre, which keep audiences engaged and coming back for more. See the role LightWave 3D and its VPR plays in the creation of swarms of locusts and murders of crows for believable visual effects.

How Dick Van Dyke became a surprising and professional CGI artist/animator on Diagnosis Murder

The Mirror's Brian Edwards highlights the iconic LightWave artist Dick van Dyke and his work on the popular television show

Sun 15 Mar 2015

The Mirror UK’s Brian Edwards has written a story about Dick van Dyke and his history of CG (with LightWave of course) for Diagnosis Murder. A longtime LightWave artist and animator from the Amiga, days, van Dyke is an icon in the LightWave community and screen legend in his own right. We are excited to see his talent noted and shared with the world!

Genoma 2 - Unity, Ant Preset and more!

Lino Grandi continues his educational series of in-depth Genoma 2 tutorials with six new videos covering everything from Unity to Presets

Sun 15 Mar 2015

Lino Grandi, resident LightWave animator and the force behind Genoma 2 technology in LightWave 2015, has created three new series of Genoma 2 video tutorials all designed to help you better understand the power and flexibility of this robust rigging environment. Check out these videos and see how they can help improve your creative pipeline for games and more.

Absorbing the Afterglow

Space Next, an Imax movie from Afterglow Studios is in production and is being created entirely in LightWave - see the trailer here

Sun 15 Mar 2015

Afterglow Studios knows how to make the most of LightWave. One of its projects currently in production is Space Next, an educational IMAX film about how the US took to the skies, its race to the moon, and its future in the stars. Have a look of this incredible work (created entirely with LightWave) and see the powerful results that can be achieved with LightWave 3D.

CGArchitect Kickstarts Archviz Conference

A Kickstarter campaign launches designed to bring architects together to teach, learn and inspire the archviz community

Sun 15 Mar 2015

CGarchitect is working hard to launch what it is calling the Architectural Visualization Event of 2015. The popular archviz website currently has a Kickstarter campaign underway to bring together the most influential, talented and forward thinking artists, studios and evangelists to speak at a three days event in Whistler, Canada. Go to the Kickstarter campaign before March 31, 2015 for all the details.

For the Love of Telescopes

Artist Nick Stevens counts on LightWave 3D to recreate the famous Lovell Radio Telescope

Thu 05 Mar 2015

Artist Nick Stevens shares his mesh of the famous Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank, which was all done in LightWave 3D.

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Goes Interactive with LightWave 3D and Unity

Artists virtually reconstruct the Villa Tugendhat, a 1930s architectural icon and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in the Czech Republic, for viewing on desktop and mobile devices

Tue 24 Feb 2015

Over the course of two years, and as time allowed, the digital artists at InterMoca worked to reconstruct the Tugendhat virtual villa, using LightWave 3D and a variety of tools, including WTools3D’s LWCAD, to create a version of the villa to be viewed in real time on desktops and mobile devices.