LightWave 11.6 & OctaneRender 2.0 Together

Extreme Modeling, Animation and Photorealistic Rendering at Lightning Speed

Take advantage of the new LightWave 11.6 & OctaneRender™ 2.0 Bundles to get unmatched 3D modeling, animation, effects and blazingly fast GPU-based rendering to help get your projects done at the speed of Light!

LightWave 11.6 is leading 3D modeling, rendering and animation software that carries with it an award-winning, production proven track record.

By pairing the powerful end-to-end 3D pipeline in LightWave 11.6 with OTOY’s OctaneRender 2.0, the world’s first GPU-based renderer that is unbiased and physically based, you have a powerful, intuitive way to create, animate, and deliver projects quickly and within budget.

Bundle LightWave 11.6 and OctaneRender 2.0 today for only $1595 (a savings of up to $500).

Save up to $300 when you upgrade from a registered version of LightWave 10 or earlier for only $995.

Deliver with LightWave 11.6 & OctaneRender 2.0

Feature Highlights

  • Create stunning life-like images of the highest possible quality for everything from architectural visualization and product design to television and film
  • Experience up to 50x faster rendering speeds
  • OctaneRender’s workflow fits intuitively with LightWave for seamless integration
  • Real-time scene editor in OctaneRender can be used to change the camera, lights, materials and object positions and seen immediately in the viewport
  • OctaneRender 2.0 is included as both a plugin for LightWave and a standalone program
  • Lino Grandi
  • Mechaquad
  • Thomas Koch
  • Arcade Room
  • Shaun Bishop
  • Stasys
  • Shaun Bishop
  • Pool Garden
  • René Falk Thomasius
  • HydraBot

The LightWave 3D Advantage

Why Choose LightWave

LightWave 3D has a robust set of 3D modeling and animation tools, including many groundbreaking, award-winning, industry-first features like Sub-D modeling, Global Illumination, Geometry Cache (MDD), and Embedded Morph Targets (Endomorphs). LightWave continually sets the standard for other software companies to follow. LightWave also includes a full suite of artist-friendly tools that can be used to create variety of 3D models, visual effects, and animations for projects of all types and sizes.

Studios in Hollywood and around the world rely on LightWave to help them deliver 3D content and visual effects under the most grueling deadlines. LightWave can be found in the production pipelines of some of television’s most exciting shows like "The Walking Dead," "Sleepy Hollow," and "Defiance." It is also being used in the creation of blockbuster films like "Maleficent," and the forthcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII." LightWave is completely scalable from a single artist to a team working in a large studio. The software’s robust interchange tools make it easy to integrate into any pipeline and its wealth of supported formats like Alembic, Autodesk Geometry Cache, OBJ, Unity3D, ZBrush and more, makes it completely complementary to other 3D software programs in a mixed pipeline.

Whether your passion is architectural or medical visualization, product design, 3D printing, game development, or visual effects animation, LightWave 3D puts the tools you need within reach. Every seat of LightWave offers dual- OS capabilities for Windows (64-bit and 32-bit) and Mac OS, making it easy for you to work the way you want without incurring any hidden costs.

With perpetual downloads of your purchased products, no forced subscription plans, and no dependency on a complex software pipeline the clear choice is LightWave 3D.

The OctaneRender 2.0 Advantage

Why Choose OctaneRender

OctaneRender™ is the world's first GPU-based, unbiased, physically-based renderer, empowering artists, designers, and engineers to create the most realistic renders quickly. It is fully GPU-accelerated and renders images at extreme speeds of up to 50x faster traditional unbiased renderers. Thanks to its intuitive workflow, OctaneRender™ is incredibly easy to use. Its real-time 3D scene editing allows artists to change camera viewpoints, lights, materials, and object positions. Praised by some of Hollywood’s top visual effects artists and directors for its quality, speed and versatility, OctaneRender™ has been used in the development of a number of blockbuster films.

The render engine facilitates the visualization process by providing essential features including Displacement Mapping, Object Motion Blur, Vertex motion blur, Hair and Fur Render Primitives, Rounded Edges, Random Color Texture for Instances, HDRI + Sun, Stereo Rendering Modes, Region Rendering, and more. Along with its implementation of OpenSubDiv surfaces, artists take advantage of Pixar's powerful library for fast refinement of subdivision surfaces. OctaneRender™ also sports a Local DB asset folder structure for an organized workspace and the Live DB for shared and pre-defined nodes and assets. To render even faster, OctaneRender™ can leverage remote GPUs on render slaves connected via the network.

OctaneRender™ produces stunningly life-like images of the highest possible quality, making it the ultimate rendering solution for architectural visualization, product design and 3D animation rendering.



ChronoSculpt is a powerful new stand-alone application that revolutionizes working with animation and dynamic simulation cache files from any application by allowing you to use sculpting and transformation tools over time. ChronoSculpt also introduces a radical new geometry engine based on our “Hydra” technology which allows the deformation and manipulation of 8 to 10 million polygon objects with ease.

Using industry standard vertex cache files in Alembic, LightWave MDD, or Autodesk Geometry Cache formats you can easily paint out errors on your dynamic simulations or even completely change the look of a character either with layered sculpting “clips” in the timeline or globally to affect every frame in your cache animation.

ChronoSculpt also allows you to export any frame from your sculpt or deformation directly to a LightWave Endomorph or OBJ object file (for blend shapes in Autodesk Maya).

ChronoSculpt could potentially save you hours of work by allowing you to quickly make changes to the baked dynamic simulation cache files to address simulation jitter, soft body penetrations, or to remove stray simulation pieces and get the shot out the door.

Find out more about ChronoSculpt here.



NevronMotion is a motion retargeting plugin for LightWave 3D with support for the Microsoft Kinect camera. NevronMotion allows you to load common motion capture files in FBX or BVH format and easily retarget the motion onto your character directly in LightWave Layout. You can quickly adjust any of the character rig joints in areas like the shoulders or arms to compensate for any joint placement inaccuracies and bake out your final animation directly to your character rig.

NevronMotion also comes with rig retargeting presets for FBX and BVH files and allows you to fully customize your rig retargeting and save your own retargeting presets that you can load later to use with custom motion capture libraries. You setup the rig retargeting mapping once, save the preset and then you can reuse that over and over.

NevronMotion also includes a rig preset that works directly with the Microsoft Kinect camera to allow you to puppet a character rig in real time and even record your real time Kinect motion capture performances to save to your library for later use.

NevronMotion greatly simplifies the motion capture workflow in LightWave 3D and allows you to get character motions or create your own motions with the Kinect Camera to get your characters moving quickly and easily.

Find out more about NevronMotion here.

Installing OctaneRender for LightWave

Lino Grandi gives a quick installation guide for OctaneRender for LightWave

Getting Started with OctaneRender for LightWave

Lino Grandi shows how to get started using OctaneRender for LightWave

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