LightWave Training
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Layout Tutorial: Creating a Piston Rig

William Vaughan shows us how to set up a piston rig in LightWave 3D

Thu 09 Sep 2010

Animation Tutorial: Inverse Kinematics (IK)

William Vaughan introduces Inverse Kinematics (IK) in LightWave 3D

Wed 23 Jun 2010

Animation Tutorial: IKBoost walk cycle

Larry Shultz (Splinegod) demonstrates how to make a character walk forward using IKBoost in Lightwave 3D

Wed 16 Jun 2010

Animation Tutorial: Cartoon Elbow Joint

William Vaughan shows us how to create a cartoon elbow joint for animation

Wed 09 Jun 2010

Modeling Tutorial: Curve Skelegons

William Vaughan explains how to use curves to create skelegons in LightWave 3D

Tue 25 May 2010

Animation Tutorial: Easy Eye Rig

William Vaughan creates an eye set up for easily animating eyes in LightWave 3D

Wed 12 May 2010

Animation Tutorial: Animate an Eye

William Vaughan explains how to animate an eye in LightWave 3D without it popping out of the socket when rotated.

Wed 12 May 2010

Rigging Tutorial: Bone Tools

William Vaughan introduces Bone Split, Bone Connect, Bone Fuse and UnParent Bone in Lightwave 3D

Thu 06 May 2010