LightWave Training
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Rendering Tutorial: Shaded to Wireframe

William Vaughan shows you a unique way to animate an object's surface from shaded to wireframe

Tue 25 May 2010

Animation Tutorial: Animating Using Effector

William Vaughan shows how to create the appearance of a ball passing through a tube and deforming the tube

Mon 24 May 2010

Layout Tutorial: Intro to Effector

William Vaughan details how to use the Effector Custom Object in LightWave 3D Layout

Mon 24 May 2010

Layout Tutorial: Intro to Dope Sheet

William Vaughan highlights using the Dope Sheet for animation in LightWave 3D's Layout

Mon 24 May 2010

Animation Tutorial: Easy Eye Rig

William Vaughan creates an eye set up for easily animating eyes in LightWave 3D

Wed 12 May 2010

Animation Tutorial: Animate an Eye

William Vaughan explains how to animate an eye in LightWave 3D without it popping out of the socket when rotated.

Wed 12 May 2010

Layout Tutorial: Bone Displacement

William Vaughan offers an overview of the Bone Displacement Tool in LightWave 3D

Thu 06 May 2010

Animation Tutorial: Reverse Foot Rig

William Vaughan walks you through creating a foot rig in LightWave 3D

Thu 06 May 2010