LightWave 11.5 Cloth Dynamics: Revealing a Lamborghini

Cody Burke explains how use Bullet Soft Bodies in LightWave 11.5

Posted: Mon 25 Mar 2013

In the video below, LightWave's Cody Burke reveals how to use Bullet Soft Bodies in LightWave 11.5.

An alternate Approach

LightWave's Lino Grandi offers an alternate way to achieve the same results, by not using the Save Transformed option. He explains below:

"After watching the Revealing a Lamborghini video tutorial , some users asked if it was possible to get the same kind of effect without using the Save Transformed object trick.
So I created  a very simple scene showing how to do that (Download the accompanying files here.)

The Save Transformed option is really a great timesaver in a lot of different situations, and it was good to see it used in the video.

I invite you to dissect the scene to understand how it works."