Cel Shading Primer

Kevin Phillips covers the basics of Node-based Cel Shading in LightWave 3D

Posted: Wed 12 Aug 2015

This training covers a range of strategies and approaches to producing various styles of cel shading in LightWave. This includes a range of ideas such as front masking to minimize the usual slidey shading effect seen in "CG" cel shading, how to get more unique styles and looks using other tools in the Surface Editor, right through to creating a complete cel shade network in the node surfacing system.

Part 1

In this first video, Kevin uses gradient nodes, Layer nodes and Image nodes to generate the start of a cel shading node network. 

Part 2

In this second video, Kevin uses gradient nodes, mixers and others to add a mask to "paint out" the usual slidey effect of cel shading on front-facing geometry. 

Part 3

In this video, Kevin uses gradient nodes, lighting, 180-degree incidence and others to add visible edges to the cel shading.

Part 4

In this video, Kevin combines both the cel shading with the edges produced in the previous videos to finish up the final surface.