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vRoom LW 9.5+

Luke Whitehorn
Feb. 16, 2010

vRoom v1.0

vRoom is designed to simulate the interiors of buildings and the glass panes through which these interiors are seen. Previous to vRoom a Lightwave artist had three choices when it came to the windows on a building:

Have completely reflective windows that you cannot see into.
Have nothing inside their building.
Laboriously hand craft each room and using regular mapping techniques.
Option 1 is sometimes suitable, but not always and even if it is one must handle the subtle glass distortion effects needed for a convincing render. Option 2 can result in faster turnaround times but it has obvious drawbacks, particularly in the case of the high rise example building shown below. The building looks incomplete and lifeless. Option 3 will partially get the results desired, but only after a substantial investment of an artists time. However, if changes are then desired, all rooms must then be re-edited. vRoom was made to solve this issue by creating a shader that will automate this laborious task and give artists options that were previously unavailable.

Features include

Pseudo room geometry creation at render time
Automatic asset allocation from image library
Automatic allocation of curtains, blinds or other items to be seen in windows:
Per window pane distortion effects including
Inwards/outwards bulging
Individual pane tilts
Built in Perlin noise with per pane offset capability
Nodal control of
Percentage of lights switched on
Exposure and it's varance
Blinds up/down amount
Window tint
Diffuse colour and amount
and more...


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