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UberCam LW 9.5+

Oct. 10, 2011

A large set of advanced Cameras for LW 9.3+, among them are:

Stereoscopic Camera
Renders two different views of the scene side-by-side with options for the Convergence Plane and Eye Separation.

4-Up and 12-Up Cameras
Renders the view from 4 or 12 different cameras into one image. Supports whatever camera plugins the cameras are using.

Panoramic Camera
Render a panoramic view of the scene with options for the Horizontal and Vertical Fields of View.

Cylinder Camera
Like the Panoramic Camera but renders either the vertical or horizontal axis orthographically.

Skybox Camera
Renders an unwrapped view of the surrounding environment into a Cross or Alternate layout.

FishEye Camera
Renders images with an adjustable Fisheye distortion.

And more.


Please Note:

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