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Symmetry Stuff LW 9.5+

Photon Studios
Jan. 14, 2013

Screenshots & download available at the link.

Divide an object in half, quarters, or eighths & select, delete, or make it symmetrical.

There are a few “make symmetrical” LScripts out there, unfortunately none of them are that comprehensive or easy to use. Symmetry Stuff changes all that. This script lets you choose a section of your object to operate on – be it the right-half (+X axis), the left half (the -X axis) or any other axis or combination of axes. This means not only can you select a half, of an object to work on, but you can also select a quarter of the object (in any combination of axes, whether +X+Y, +X-Y, -X-Z, etc.), and also you can select an eighth of your object (such as +X+Y+Z, +X-Y+Z, etc.). Then you can Select, Delete, or Delete, Mirror, and Merge Points of the section you’ve selected in the interface.

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