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Morphs2OBJs LW 9.5+

Photon Studios
Jan. 14, 2013

Export morph maps as separate OBJ files.

Screenshots & download available at the link.

This script was designed to enable the ease of exporting Lightwave endomorph morph maps / vertex maps as OBJ files for use in other morphing applications such as the Mega-Fiers mesh modifier 3rd-party product for the Unity 3D game engine. However, this script can be used by itself to just dump out all the morphs of a LWO model as OBJs in one click, for use in any other application as well like Daz or Poser, and is not in any way specific to Mega-fiers for Unity 3D (except for the OBJ preferences settings that must be set for it to be compatible with Unity). This probably works in more versions, but only tested versions of LW are listed here.

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